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--- todo ---
pause/play on notification view, affects gps+wifi
implement heatmap
back clustering with our own map for memory
"upload every n" setting
web replace: seen-networks map tile overlays
web replace: leaderboard
username not found notice
stop counting on startup
show IEEE octet info (manufacturer stats/speech)
show countdown while trying to close database
lat/lon in observed import from wigle
debug logging mode
download of cell observed as well
tablet list+map layout
try bluetooth/jfc logging again
simple map circle mode if label+clustering off
--- user suggested ---
map-page type filter on four csv/kml exports
option to stop scanning when not plugged in
kismet drone support
some response/info/stat about uploaded files (user stats?)
configurable sounds for new nets
first run wizard to make easier setup wiglewifi
speak similar AP's with count, trying to condense somehow, start with s/\d+$//
filter for speaking AP's to avoid very regular ones
attwifi belkin CableWiFi CenturyLink DIRECT- HOME- HP NETGEAR SLCSD WiFi Hotspot XFINITY xfinitywifi
summarize AP's since last audio speech
stats on what is in the local db
"only new" on map work with labels too
workaround the clearing of wifi list on screen rotate somehow
store system time on db records (not just gps time)
be able to disable cell tower recording, and/or filter kml output
output GPX (open street map)
limit list to one ssid, show multiple observations
scan on/off toggle added to the dashboard tab
sending collected data to another place in easy way (mail,ftp...)
wifi scanner always available in kit kat
integrate the bluetooth part in
a checkbox to have it start on bootup
decoding base64 (assuming ssid)
switch to satellite maps, or between Google Maps/OSMs
see frequency the AP is operating on
a widget
heat mapping
import files, instead of uploading to site and downloading to app
geofence for "don't record" and/or "do upload"
set minimum on distance decimal to 2 on dashboard
on networkactivity record more observations on that network (site survey)
rssi on kml export
upload and/or pause on when connected to this network
start on boot option
disable notification bar icon option
pause at battery level instead of kill
don't cancel file write/upload when we touch the screen