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Wikimedia Foundation operates some of the largest collaborative projects in the world. This is our Puppet repo. This repository is a mirror; see for contributing.
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crookedstorm labstore: turn off systemd paging for labstore1004/5
This almost always double pages us. I cannot find an example where that
was not true.

Change-Id: Iee09333467201b109d7261136d2e5fd2dc8bfc6c
Latest commit 46f74ed Jun 2, 2020


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conftool-data site: decom mw2173 through mw2179 Jun 2, 2020
doc Fixed text formatting and grammar. Jun 26, 2014
environments puppet git: add a descriptive config version Nov 5, 2019
files toolforge: prometheus: renew TLS cert for the k8s API Jun 2, 2020
hieradata labstore: turn off systemd paging for labstore1004/5 Jun 3, 2020
manifests site: decom mw2173 through mw2179 Jun 2, 2020
modules maintenance::cirrussearch: extract index rebuild Jun 2, 2020
rake_modules Run rubocop on Vagrantfile May 28, 2020
utils run_ci_locally: update to the current docker image version May 21, 2020
.ctags ctags configuration Oct 25, 2013
.gitignore Fix typos, add OS tempfiles to gitignore Mar 16, 2020
.gitmessage Add a commit message guide Oct 4, 2019
.gitmodules Un-submodule for nginx: move to prod env [1/2] Oct 31, 2019
.gitreview Partially Revert "Clarify string in weekly Phabricator Project email" Sep 1, 2016
.ignored.yaml Rake: Support ignoring upstream modules Dec 6, 2018
.mailmap Update .mailmap to de-duplicate authors Oct 18, 2016
.puppet-lint.rc puppet-lint: ignore 'lines over 140 chars' warnings Mar 21, 2017
.rubocop.yml rubocop: display cop names Apr 23, 2018
.rubocop_todo.yml utils: fix Style/GlobalVars cop violations Jan 11, 2018
.ruby-version Revert "Update .ruby-version to what is running in production" Apr 27, 2020
Gemfile Gemfile: fix pry / pry-byebug incompatibility May 28, 2020
README puppet-merge: test Jan 20, 2020
Rakefile Fix Style/NegatedIf RuboCop offense across the tree Jan 9, 2018
tox.ini mtail: update mtail testing to python3 May 5, 2020
typos typos: Add maraidb to the list of detected typos May 29, 2020


The Wikimedia Foundation operates some of the largest collaboratively edited
reference projects in the world, including Wikipedia. Our infrastructure powers
some of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web, serving content in over a
hundred languages to more than half a billion people each month. We use Puppet
to manage our server configuration. This is our Puppet repository.

For an overview of how we use Puppet, and a review of the code conventions and
patterns that apply to this repository, see:

The code in this repository is authored and maintained by Wikimedia engineers
and a vibrant community of volunteer contributors. Get involved!
freenode: #wikimedia-operations
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