🎭 Wikimedia Foundation operates some of the largest collaborative projects in the world. This is our Puppet repo. This repository is a mirror; see https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Developer_access for contributing.
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Bug: T188776
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conftool-data proton: Add discovery hiera Jul 11, 2018
doc Fixed text formatting and grammar. Jun 26, 2014
environments foundationwiki rename: fixup trivial refs across puppet Jul 17, 2018
files/ssl role::mediawiki::videoscaler: add TLS termination Jun 4, 2018
hieradata Revert "cloud vps: disable labtestnet2001 and replace it with labtest… Jul 17, 2018
manifests Revert "cloud vps: disable labtestnet2001 and replace it with labtest… Jul 17, 2018
modules make foundation.wikimedia.org redirect a 302 Jul 17, 2018
rake_modules rake: add ability to check syntax of dhcp files Jul 13, 2018
utils Remove utils/expanderb.rb Jan 12, 2018
.ctags ctags configuration Oct 25, 2013
.gitignore gitignore: add standard directory for bundle creation Oct 3, 2017
.gitmodules Move jmxtrans and kafkatee submodules to environments/production Jun 25, 2018
.gitreview Partially Revert "Clarify string in weekly Phabricator Project email" Sep 1, 2016
.mailmap Update .mailmap to de-duplicate authors Oct 18, 2016
.puppet-lint.rc puppet-lint: ignore 'lines over 140 chars' warnings Mar 21, 2017
.rubocop.yml rubocop: display cop names Apr 23, 2018
.rubocop_todo.yml utils: fix Style/GlobalVars cop violations Jan 11, 2018
.ruby-version Update rbenv ruby version to match production Apr 11, 2018
Gemfile Use the newer version of the wmf_styleguide check Jun 14, 2018
README Add README May 24, 2014
Rakefile Fix Style/NegatedIf RuboCop offense across the tree Jan 9, 2018
tox.ini tox: run nagios_common tests Apr 19, 2018
typos typos: add 'hirea', another variant of heira/hiera Jan 3, 2018


The Wikimedia Foundation operates some of the largest collaboratively edited
reference projects in the world, including Wikipedia. Our infrastructure powers
some of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web, serving content in over a
hundred languages to more than half a billion people each month. We use Puppet
to manage our server configuration. This is our Puppet repository.

For an overview of how we use Puppet, and a review of the code conventions and
patterns that apply to this repository, see:

The code in this repository is authored and maintained by Wikimedia engineers
and a vibrant community of volunteer contributors. Get involved!

freenode: #wikimedia-operations