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Singleton Service Election Listener


The MSC includes a listener facility to inform a listener when a given service starts and stops. For singleton services, we need similar facility - to inform a listener, not just when its service starts and stops, but also which cluster member was elected as the new primary provider. Users will register this listener when the service is installed.

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Hard Requirements

  • Public SingletonElectionListener interface with the following method

    • void elected(List<Node> candidateMembers, Node electedMember);

  • Add listener registration method to public SingletonPolicy interface

  • Following an election, the listener callback should be invoked on every cluster member on which the given singleton service was installed

  • When run from a non-ha profile, the election listener will be invoked exactly once, as soon as the the service starts.

Nice-to-Have Requirements


  • Since listener will be registered during installation, there is no need to support multiple listeners. This can be easily simulated via a composite/aggregate listener.

Test Plan

A new test will be added to the clustering integration testsuite to validate behavior (both ha and local).

Community Documentation

Community docs will be enhanced to describe listener registration with examples.

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