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[WFCORE-4394] Enhanced Audit Logging - RFC support and Configuring Reconnects


Currently, Audit Logging in Elytron does not have the same capabilities as Legacy Security. This task is to enhance Elytron Audit Logging to have support for RFC5424/RFC3164 and add the additional ability to configure reconnect attempts.

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Affected Projects or Components

  • Security

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Hard Requirements

  • Support for RFC 5424 should be enhanced, according to the following parameter, which should be added to syslog-audit-log in the Elytron subsystem

    • An optional syslog-format attribute should be added which supports a value of RFC5424

    • This attribute will also have RFC5424 as the default value

    • A Rfc5424SyslogEvent should be added as an audit event, which will have the RFC5424 format as a property

  • Support for RFC 3164 should be added to syslog-audit-log in the Elytron subsystem

    • The syslog-format attribute described in the RFC 5424 section above should also support a value of RFC3164

    • A Rfc3164SyslogEvent should be added as an audit event, which will have the RFC3164 format as a property

  • An initial message should be sent to the syslog server when the Elytron Subsystem syslog endpoint is created

    • This message will indicate that Elytron audit logging is enabled and the format it is enabled with

  • The ability to configure the amount of reconnect attempts should be added

    • This should be done by configuring the number of reconnect attempts to a syslog-server

    • This should be available as an attribute reconnect-attempts under syslog-audit-log in the Elytron subsystem

    • The possible values for this parameter would be: -1 - signifying indefinite attempts, 0 - signifying no attempts, and any positive integer - signifying that nunmber of attempts

    • This would be an optional parameter and have a default value of 0

    • This parameter will only apply for logging to a syslog server with UDP, since TCP already has reconnections configured in the jboss-logmanager project

    • This parameter will only apply if an IOException, such as the destination being unreachable, occurs while sending.

Nice-to-Have Requirements


Test Plan

Subsystem parsing and transformer tests will be added

Community Documentation

These new Audit Logging capabilities will be documented in the WildFly documentation under Audit.

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