Enable the use of layouts in ActionMailer templates, this fork's goal is to enable content_for blocks
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== Action Mailer Layouts

Original Homepage:   http://cardboardrocket.com/pages/action_mailer_layouts
Original svn:        http://svn.cardboardrocket.com/action_mailer_layouts

A plugin to enable layouts for ActionMailer templates.

Adds a new 'layout' property to the ActionMailer::Base class. Specify the name
of the layout you want to use. The plugin will look in app/views/layouts for your 
layout.  If no layout is specified, the plugin will look for a layout that matches
the name of your mailer class.

For example:

If your mailer class is called UserNotifier and you are rendering the activation.rhtml
template, then the plugin will attempt to load the user_notifier.rhtml layout.  If you are 
rendering the activation.text.html.rhtml template, the plugin will look for the
user_notifier.text.html.rhtml layout. In other words, the plugin attempts to load the 
layout named after the your ActionMailer class.

You can overload this behavior by setting the layout property of your mailer:

class UserNotfier < ActionMailer::Base
  def activation(user)
    @recipients     = user.email
    @from           = 'you@domain.com'
    @sent_on        = Time.now
    @subject		= 'Activate your account!'
    @layout         = :email

This arrangement will cause the plugin to render the content in 
views/user_notifier/activation.text.html.rhtml in the views/layouts/email.text.html.rhtml