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3 small and interesting PHP applications (with jQuery plugins' support): register, send_email, search

(A) search.php
search.php script: search files in certain directory to get the context by keyword. It runs perfect, the advantages:

 (1) Esay usage, all web-based, Ajax-driven.

 (2) Using jqtransform

 (3) The display results is adjustable. The matching times are displayed right side of the mapping files.

 (4) keyword is highlight, easy to identify.

 (5) Display looks good. The search form uses jqtransform - a jQuery Plugin CSS render library.

 (6) The codes are simple and easy to integrated with other apps. Ccan be shared.

 (7) Any tech issues, I am here for consulting :-)

(B) register.php
 Using jquery.easing.js to generate a dynamic form for register purpose.

(C) send_email.php
 Using jQuery validationEngine and jqtransformplugin to generate a form to send email.