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# Copyright 2012 Hai Thanh Nguyen
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
"""Role-Based Access Control system
Implements the hierarchical model of role-based access control.
from google.appengine.ext import ndb
class RoleModel(ndb.Model):
parents = ndb.KeyProperty(repeated=True)
name = ndb.StringProperty()
class PermissionModel(ndb.Model):
desc = ndb.StringProperty()
class RoleAssignmentModel(ndb.Model):
user_key = ndb.KeyProperty()
role_key = ndb.KeyProperty()
class PermissionAssignmentModel(ndb.Model):
role_key = ndb.KeyProperty()
perm_id = ndb.StringProperty()
def default_role(string_id, name=None, parents=[]):
"""Helper for creating a new and/or getting an existing role that has a string id"""
q = RoleModel.get_by_id(string_id)
if q == None:
if name==None: raise Exception(u"""The role does not exist. You must provide a "name" argument if you wanna create the role."""
"""\nHave you installed the RBAC system?""")
return RoleModel(id=string_id, name=name, parents=parents).put()
return q.key
def register_permission(perm_id, desc):
"""Create a new permission
NOTICE: Permission registrations (using this function) MUST be put in the register_permissions function of
You must go to /upgrade for this function to take effect
q = PermissionModel.get_by_id(perm_id)
if not q:
model = PermissionModel(id=perm_id, desc=desc)
def _roles_valid(roles):
"""Internal helper."""
for role_key in roles:
if role_key.get() == None:
raise Exception(u'The role with id "%s" does not exist.' %
return False
return True
def register_role(name, parents=[]):
"""Create a new role
name: A human-readable name for the role
parents: A list of keys of the roles to be used as this role's parent
#Make sure that the parents are all valid
return RoleModel(name=name, parents=parents).put()
def add_role(user_key, role_key):
"""Assign a new role to a user"""
q = RoleAssignmentModel.gql("WHERE user_key = :1 AND role_key = :2", user_key, role_key)
if q.count(1) == 0:
model = RoleAssignmentModel(user_key=user_key, role_key=role_key)
def has_permission(role_key, perm_id):
q = PermissionAssignmentModel.gql("WHERE role_key = :1 AND perm_id = :2", role_key, perm_id)
return q.count(1) > 0
def has_permissions(role_key, perms):
for perm in perms:
if not has_permission(role_key, perm):
return False
return True
def check_permission_role(role_key, perms):
"""Similar to check_permission, but only applies to a specific role"""
if not isinstance(perms, list):
perms = [perms]
if has_permissions(role_key, perms):
return True
parents = role_key.get().parents
for parent in parents:
if check_permission_role(parent, perms):
return True
return False
def allow(role_key, perms):
"""Assign a permission to a role
role_key: the key of the role
perms: can be a string or a list of strings - one or more permission id's
if not isinstance(perms, list):
perms = [perms]
for perm_id in perms:
if not has_permission(role_key, perm_id):
model = PermissionAssignmentModel(role_key=role_key, perm_id=perm_id)
def get_roles(user_key):
q = ndb.gql("SELECT role_key FROM RoleAssignmentModel WHERE user_key = :1", user_key)
return [role.role_key for role in q]
def check_permission(user_key, perms):
"""Check if a user is allowed to do something.
user: the key of the user to check
perms: a permission or a list of permissions to check
roles = get_roles(user_key)
if not isinstance(perms, list):
perms = [perms]
for perm_id in perms:
if PermissionModel.get_by_id(perm_id) == None:
raise Exception(u'Permission "%s" does not exist' % perm_id)
super_admin_role = default_role("super_admin")
if super_admin_role in roles:
return True #If user is "super admin", everything is allowed
for role_key in roles:
if check_permission_role(role_key, perms):
return True
return False