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# This Makefile understands the following targets:
# all (default): build wine
# clean: remove all intermediate files
# distclean: also remove all files created by configure
# test: run tests
# testclean: clean test results to force running all tests again
# crosstest: build tests as native windows applications (requires MinGW)
# install-lib: install libraries needed to run applications
# install-dev: install development environment
# install: install everything
# uninstall: uninstall everything
# depend: create the dependencies
# ctags: create a tags file for vim and others.
# etags: create a TAGS file for Emacs.
# manpages: compile manpages for Wine API
# htmlpages: compile html pages for Wine API
# sgmlpages: compile sgml source for the Wine API Guide
# xmlpages: compile xml source for the Wine API Guide
# Sub-directories that don't have a makefile
dlls \
libs \
po \
# Destination directories for make install
$(DESTDIR)$(bindir) \
$(DESTDIR)$(dlldir) \
$(DESTDIR)$(fakedlldir) \
all: wine
@echo "Wine build complete."
# Rules for re-running configure
config.status: configure
@./config.status --recheck
include/config.h: include/stamp-h
include/stamp-h: include/ config.status
@./config.status include/config.h include/stamp-h
# Rules for cleaning
.PHONY: __clean__
clean:: __clean__
distclean:: clean
$(RM) config.* configure.lineno TAGS tags include/config.h include/stamp-h Makefile Make.tmp
$(RM) -r autom4te.cache
# Rules for uninstalling
.PHONY: __uninstall__
uninstall:: __uninstall__
-rmdir $(DESTDIR)$(datadir)/wine $(DESTDIR)$(fakedlldir) $(DESTDIR)$(dlldir)
# Dependencies between directories
# dependencies needed to build any dll or program
__tooldeps__: libs/port libs/wine libs/wpp
__builddeps__: __tooldeps__ include
.PHONY: test crosstest __tooldeps__ __builddeps__
loader server: libs/port libs/wine tools
fonts: tools
include: tools tools/widl
libs/wine: libs/port
tools/wmc tools/wrc: tools
tools tools/wmc tools/wrc: libs/wine
tools/widl tools/wmc tools/wrc: libs/wpp
dlls/shell32/Makefile dlls/shell32/__depend__: dlls/shell32/AUTHORS
$(MAKEDEP): include/config.h
@cd $(TOOLSDIR)/tools && $(MAKE) makedep$(TOOLSEXT)
# Misc rules
TAGSFLAGS = --langmap='c:+.idl.l.rh,make:(Make*.in)'
TAGS etags:
(test -d .git && git ls-files || find -L $(top_srcdir) -name '*.[ch]' -print) | xargs etags -a $(TAGSFLAGS)
tags ctags:
$(RM) tags
(test -d .git && git ls-files || find -L $(top_srcdir) -name '*.[ch]' -print) | xargs ctags -a $(TAGSFLAGS)
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