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import { Component, Input } from '@angular/core';
* While require.context works fine for JIT builds
* it is not compatible with AoT. Or at least I don't
* know how to use it with AoT. To get around this I have
* created an icon-manifest file that imports all the SVG
* files. Not an ideal solution, but it works
* const files = (require as any)
* .context('!svg-sprite-loader!../../assets', false, /.*\.svg$/);
* files.keys().forEach(files);
import './icon-manifest';
* The setup here is a little bit different from React and Vue.js.
* I am using an attribute selector. This is because if
* I use an element selector then the icon gets a host element. This
* host wrapper messes with the dimensions. We end up with an icon
* that is a bit taller than expected.
* By using the attribute selector we avoid the extra wrapper. And
* the icon renders as expected.
selector: 'svg[icon]',
template: `<svg:use [attr.xlink:href]="'#' + type"></svg:use>`,
host: {
viewBox: '0 0 20 20',
class: 'dib v-mid',
width: '1em',
height: '1em',
export class IconComponent {
@Input() type: string;
@Input() className: string;