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Wikibase DataModel release notes

Version 8.1.0 (dev)

  • The TermList constructor now takes any iterable instead of just array
  • Added TermList::addAll

Version 8.0.0 (2018-08-03)

Breaking changes

  • Item::setId and Property::setId no longer accept integers
  • Removed Item::getSiteLinks and Item::hasSiteLinks
  • Removed HashArray
  • SnakList no longer extends HashArray and no longer has these public and protected methods:
    • addElement
    • getByElementHash
    • getNewOffset
    • getObjectType
    • hasElement
    • hasElementHash
    • hasValidType
    • preSetElement
    • removeByElementHash
    • removeElement
    • setElement
  • Added periods to the list of disallowed characters in RepositoryNameAssert
  • EntityDocument now extends ClearableEntity

Other changes

  • Added StatementListProvidingEntity
  • Un-deprecated several sitelink related shortcuts from Item:
    • addSiteLink
    • getSiteLink
    • hasLinkToSite
    • removeSiteLink
  • Installation together with DataValues 2.x is now supported

Version 7.5.0 (2018-05-02)

  • Introduce ClearableEntity interface.

Version 7.4.1 (2018-05-02)

  • Removed clear from EntityDocument. This was a compatibility break of the interface.

Version 7.4.0 (2018-05-02)

  • Added clear to EntityDocument

Version 7.3.0 (2017-11-13)

  • Performance optimizations on EntityId:
    • Added protected $repositoryName and $localPart properties
    • Added protected extractRepositoryNameAndLocalPart

Version 7.2.0 (2017-10-23)

  • Performance optimizations on methods critical for dump generation:
    • DispatchingEntityIdParser::parse
    • SnakList::orderByProperty

Version 7.1.0 (2017-09-01)

  • Changed EntityIdValue::getArrayValue to allow it handle foreign entity IDs and entity IDs that do not have a numeric representation.
  • Fixed exception handling in EntityIdValue not always forwarding the full stack trace.
  • Deprecated EntityIdValue::newFromArray
  • Deprecated StatementGuid::getSerialization
  • Improved documentation of EntityDocument::isEmpty
  • Removed MediaWiki integration files

Version 7.0.0 (2017-03-15)

This release adds support for custom entity types to EntityIdValue, and thus changes the hashes of snaks, qualifiers, and references.

  • Changed the internal serialize() format of several EntityId related classes. In all cases unserialize() still supports the previous format.
    • Serialization of SnakObject (includes PropertyNoValueSnak and PropertySomeValueSnak) does not use numeric IDs any more
    • Serialization of PropertyValueSnak (includes DerivedPropertyValueSnak) does not use numeric IDs any more
    • Serialization of EntityIdValue does not use numeric IDs any more
    • EntityIdValue can now serialize and unserialize EntityIds other than ItemId and PropertyId
    • Minimized serialization of ItemId and PropertyId to not include the entity type any more

Other breaking changes

  • Removed FingerprintHolder. Use TermList::clear and AliasGroupList::clear instead. Item and Property also still implement setFingerprint.
  • Removed class aliases deprecated since 3.0:
    • Wikibase\DataModel\Claim\Claim
    • Wikibase\DataModel\Claim\ClaimGuid
    • Wikibase\DataModel\StatementListProvider
  • Added a SnakList constructor that is not compatible with the ArrayList constructor any more, and does not accept null any more.
  • Removed HashArray::equals, and HashArray does not implement Comparable any more
  • Removed HashArray::getHash, and HashArray does not implement Hashable any more
  • Removed HashArray::rebuildIndices
  • Removed HashArray::indicesAreUpToDate
  • Removed HashArray::removeDuplicates
  • Removed $acceptDuplicates feature from HashArray


  • Added clear to TermList, AliasGroupList and StatementList
  • Added newFromRepositoryAndNumber to ItemId and PropertyId

Other changes

  • Fixed ReferenceList::addReference sometimes moving existing references around
  • Fixed exceptions in DispatchingEntityIdParser and ItemIdParser not forwarding the previous exception

Version 6.3.1 (2016-11-30)

  • ItemId::getNumericId and PropertyId::getNumericId no longer throw exceptions for foreign IDs

Version 6.3.0 (2016-11-03)

  • Added RepositoryNameAssert class

Version 6.2.0 (2016-10-14)

  • Raised minimum PHP version to 5.5
  • Added basic support for foreign EntityIds
    • Added isForeign, getRepository and getLocalPart to EntityId
    • The constructor of EntityId was made public
    • Added static EntityId::splitSerialization and EntityId::joinSerialization
    • getNumericId throws an exception for foreign EntityIds
    • Added documentation for foreign EntityIds

Version 6.1.0 (2016-07-15)

  • Added optional index parameter to Statement::addStatement.
  • Added Int32EntityId interface.
    • ItemId and PropertyId now implement Int32EntityId.
    • ItemId and PropertyId construction now fails for numbers larger than 2147483647.
  • Added an id element containing the full ID string to the EntityIdValue::getArrayValue serialization.
  • Fixed ByPropertyIdArray iterating the properties of non-traversable objects.

Version 6.0.1 (2016-04-25)

  • Fixed ItemId and PropertyId not rejecting strings with a newline at the end.

Version 6.0.0 (2016-03-10)

This release removes the long deprecated Entity base class in favor of much more narrow interfaces.

Breaking changes

  • Removed Entity class (deprecated since 1.0)
  • Item and Property no longer extend Entity
    • Removed getLabel, getDescription, getAliases, getAllAliases, setLabels, setDescriptions, addAliases, setAllAliases, removeLabel, removeDescription and removeAliases methods
  • Item::getLabels and Property::getLabels now return a TermList
  • Item::getDescriptions and Property::getDescriptions now return a TermList
  • Removed clear methods from Item and Property
  • StatementListProvider, LabelsProvider, DescriptionsProvider, AliasesProvider and FingerprintProvider now give the guarantee to return objects by reference
  • TermList and AliasGroupList no longer throw an InvalidArgumentException for invalid language codes.
    • getByLanguage throws an OutOfBoundsException instead.
    • removeByLanguage does nothing for invalid values.
    • hasTermForLanguage and hasGroupForLanguage return false instead.


  • Item and Property now implement LabelsProvider, DescriptionsProvider and AliasesProvider
  • Added Item::getAliasGroups and Property::getAliasGroups

Version 5.1.0 (2016-03-08)

This release significantly reduces the memory footprint when entities are cloned.

  • Item::copy and Property::copy do not clone immutable objects any more
  • Deprecated FingerprintHolder and StatementListHolder

Version 5.0.2 (2016-02-23)

  • Fixed regression in ReferenceList::addReference and the constructor possibly adding too many objects

Version 5.0.1 (2016-02-18)

  • Fixed regression in ReferenceList::removeReferenceHash possibly removing too many objects
  • ReferenceList::unserialize no longer calls the constructor

Version 5.0.0 (2016-02-15)

This release removes the last remaining mentions of claims. Claims are still a concept in the mental data model, but not modelled in code any more.

  • Removed Claims class (deprecated since 1.0)
  • Removed getClaims and setClaims methods from Entity, Item and Property (deprecated since 1.0)
  • Removed HashableObjectStorage class (deprecated since 4.4)
  • ReferenceList no longer derives from SplObjectStorage
    • Removed addAll, attach, contains, detach, getHash, getInfo, removeAll, removeAllExcept and setInfo methods
  • ReferenceList no longer implements ArrayAccess
    • Removed offsetExists, offsetGet, offsetSet and offsetUnset methods
  • ReferenceList no longer implements Iterator
    • Removed current, key, next, rewind and valid methods
  • ReferenceList now implements IteratorAggregate
    • Added getIterator method
  • Removed ReferenceList::removeDuplicates
  • ReferenceList::addReference now throws an InvalidArgumentException for negative indices
  • Added EntityDocument::equals, and EntityDocument now implements Comparable
  • Added EntityDocument::copy
  • Fixed Property::clear not clearing statements
  • TermList now skips and removes empty terms
  • Deprecated ByPropertyIdArray

Version 4.4.0 (2016-01-20)

  • Added ItemIdParser
  • Added ReferenceList::isEmpty
  • Added ReferencedStatementFilter::FILTER_TYPE constant
  • Added EntityRedirect::__toString
  • Deprecated HashableObjectStorage
  • SnakRole enum is not an interface any more but a private class

Version 4.3.0 (2015-09-02)

  • Added isEmpty to EntityDocument

Version 4.2.0 (2015-08-26)

  • Added EntityRedirect
  • Added EntityIdParser and EntityIdParsingException
  • Added BasicEntityIdParser
  • Added DispatchingEntityIdParser
  • Removed no longer needed dependency on diff/diff

Version 4.1.0 (2015-08-04)

  • Added StatementList::filter
  • Added StatementFilter and ReferencedStatementFilter
  • Added LabelsProvider, DescriptionsProvider and AliasesProvider
  • Added FingerprintHolder

Version 4.0.0 (2015-07-28)

Breaking changes

The services that resided in this component have been moved to the new Wikibase DataModel Services library. These symbols have been removed:

  • Entity::getDiff and Entity::patch
  • EntityIdParser and derivatives
  • EntityDiffer and associated services
  • EntityPatcher and associated services
  • EntityDiff and derivatives
  • ItemLookup and ItemNotFoundException
  • PropertyLookup and PropertyNotFoundException
  • PropertyDataTypeLookup
  • BestStatementsFinder
  • ByPropertyIdGrouper
  • StatementGuidParser and alias ClaimGuidParser
  • StatementGuidParsingException and alias ClaimGuidParsingException
  • StatementList::getBestStatementPerProperty


  • Added DerivedPropertyValueSnak

Version 3.0.1 (2015-07-01)

  • Fixed out of bounds bug in SnakList::orderByProperty

Version 3.0.0 (2015-06-06)

Breaking changes

The concept of Claim is no longer modelled:

  • The Claim class itself has been removed, though Claim is now a temporary alias for Statement
  • Claim::RANK_TRUTH have been removed
  • Statement no longer takes a Claim in its constructor
  • Statement::setClaim and Statement::getClaim have been removed
  • Removed ClaimList
  • Removed ClaimListAccess
  • Removed addClaim, hasClaims and newClaim from all entity classes

Phasing out of Claims:

  • Claims::addClaim no longer supports setting an index
  • Removed Claims::getBestClaims, use StatementList::getBestStatements instead
  • Removed Claims::getByRank and Claims::getByRanks, use StatementList::getByRank instead
  • Removed Claims::getMainSnaks, use StatementList::getMainSnaks instead
  • Removed Claims::getClaimsForProperty, use StatementList::getWithPropertyId instead
  • Removed Claims::getHashes
  • Removed Claims::getGuids
  • Removed Claims::equals (and Claims no longer implements Comparable)
  • Removed Claims::getHash (and Claims no longer implements Hashable)
  • Removed Claims::hasClaim
  • Removed Claims::isEmpty, use StatementList::isEmpty instead
  • Removed Claims::indexOf, use StatementList::getFirstStatementWithGuid or StatementByGuidMap instead
  • Removed Claims::removeClaim

Other breaking changes:

  • Removed Snaks interface, use SnakList instead
  • Removed previously deprecated Entity::getAllSnaks, use StatementList::getAllSnaks instead
  • Removed previously deprecated EntityId::getPrefixedId, use EntityId::getSerialization instead
  • Removed previously deprecated Property::newEmpty, use Property::newFromType or new Property() instead
  • Renamed StatementList::getWithPropertyId to StatementList::getByPropertyId
  • Renamed StatementList::getWithRank to StatementList::getByRank
  • Added EntityDocument::setId
  • Entity::setLabel and Entity::setDescription no longer return anything
  • Reference and ReferenceLists no longer can be instantiated with null


  • Added StatementByGuidMap
  • Added StatementListHolder
  • Added StatementList::getFirstStatementWithGuid
  • Added StatementList::removeStatementsWithGuid
  • ReferenceList::addNewReference and Statement::addNewReference support an array of Snaks now
  • Added PHPMD support


  • Renamed Claim\ClaimGuid to Statement\StatementGuid, leaving a b/c alias in place
  • Renamed Claim\ClaimGuidParser to Statement\StatementGuidParser, leaving a b/c alias in place
  • Renamed Claim\ClaimGuidParsingException to Statement\StatementGuidParsingException, leaving a b/c alias in place
  • Renamed StatementListProvider to Statement\StatementListProvider, leaving a b/c alias in place

Other changes

  • Item::setLabel, Item::setDescription and Item::setAliases are no longer deprecated
  • Property::setLabel, Property::setDescription and Property::setAliases are no longer deprecated

Version 2.6.1 (2015-04-25)

  • Allow installation together with Diff 2.x.

Version 2.6.0 (2015-03-08)

  • Added Reference::isEmpty
  • Empty strings are now detected as invalid in the SiteLink constructor
  • Empty References are now ignored when added to ReferenceList
  • The ReferenceList constructor now throws an InvalidArgumentException when getting a non-iterable input
  • The SnakList constructor now throws an InvalidArgumentException when getting a non-iterable input
  • The AliasGroup::equals and Term::equals methods no longer incorrectly return true for fallback objects

Version 2.5.0 (2014-01-20)

  • Added ItemLookup and PropertyLookup interfaces
  • Added ItemNotFoundException
  • Added AliasGroupList::getWithLanguages
  • Added AliasGroupList::toTextArray
  • Added ItemIdSet::getSerializations
  • Added SiteLinkList::setNewSiteLink
  • Added SiteLinkList::setSiteLink
  • Added SiteLinkList::toArray
  • Added TermList::getWithLanguages
  • Empty strings are now detected as invalid language codes in the term classes
  • Made all Fingerprint constructor parameters optional
  • Made all Item constructor parameters optional
  • Made the Property constructor's fingerprint parameter nullable
  • The StatementList constructor now accepts Statement objects in variable-length argument list format
  • Deprecated Fingerprint::newEmpty in favour of new Fingerprint()
  • Deprecated Item::newEmpty in favour of new Item()
  • Added PHPCS support

Version 2.4.1 (2014-11-26)

  • Fixed StatementList not reindexing array keys

Version 2.4.0 (2014-11-23)

  • Property now implements the deprecated claim related methods defined in Entity
  • Added AliasGroupList::isEmpty
  • Added StatementList::getBestStatements
  • Added StatementList::getWithRank
  • Added TermList::isEmpty
  • Added AliasGroupFallback
  • Added TermFallback

Version 2.3.0 (2014-11-18)

  • Added AliasGroupList::toArray
  • Added StatementList::getMainSnaks
  • Added StatementList::getWithPropertyId
  • BestStatementsFinder::getBestStatementsForProperty no longer throws an OutOfBounds exception

Version 2.2.0 (2014-11-10)

  • Item and Property now implement StatementListProvider
  • Introduced the StatementListProvider interface for classes containing a StatementList
  • Added rank comparison to Statement::equals

Version 2.1.0 (2014-10-27)

  • ReferenceList now implements Serializable
  • Enhanced 32 bit compatibility for numeric ids

Version 2.0.2 (2014-10-23)

  • Fixed handling of numeric ids as string in LegacyIdInterpreter which was broken in 2.0.1.

Version 2.0.1 (2014-10-23)

  • Fixed last remaining HHVM issue (caused by calling reset on an ArrayObject subclass)
  • EntityIdValue::unserialize now throws the correct type of exception
  • Improved performance of BasicEntityIdParser and LegacyIdInterpreter

Version 2.0.0 (2014-10-14)

Breaking changes

  • Removed all class aliases
  • Removed support for deserializing EntityId instances serialized with version 0.4 or earlier
  • Removed References interface in favour of ReferenceList
  • The Statement constructor no longer supports a Snak parameter


  • Added Statement::RANK_ enum
  • Added Statement::addNewReference


  • Deprecated Claim::RANK_ enum in favour of Statement::RANK_ enum
  • Deprecated Claim::getRank

Version 1.1.0 (2014-09-29)


  • The Property constructor now accepts an optional StatementList parameter
  • Added Property::getStatements and Property::setStatements
  • Added PropertyIdProvider interface
  • Added ByPropertyIdGrouper
  • Added BestStatementsFinder
  • Added EntityPatcher and EntityPatcherStrategy
  • Added StatementList::getAllSnaks to use instead of Entity::getAllSnaks
  • The Statement constructor now also accepts a Claim parameter
  • Added Statement::setClaim
  • The Reference constructor now accepts a Snak array
  • Added ReferenceList::addNewReference

Version 1.0.0 (2014-09-02)

Breaking changes

Changes in the Entity hierarchy:

  • Changed the constructor signature of Item
  • Changed the constructor signature of Property
  • Removed Entity::setClaims (Item::setClaims has been retained)
  • Removed Entity::stub
  • Removed Entity::getIdFromClaimGuid
  • Entity::removeLabel no longer accepts an array of language codes
  • Entity::removeDescription no longer accepts an array of language codes
  • Entity no longer implements Serializable
  • Protected method Entity::patchSpecificFields no longer has a second parameter
  • Entity::getFingerprint is now returned by reference

Removal of toArray and newFromArray:

  • Removed Entity::toArray, Item::newFromArray and Property::newFromArray
  • Removed Claim::toArray and Statement::toArray
  • Removed Claim::newFromArray and Statement::newFromArray
  • Removed ReferenceList::toArray and ReferenceList::newFromArray
  • Removed toArray from the References interface
  • Removed SiteLink::toArray and SiteLink::newFromArray
  • Removed toArray from the Snak and Snaks interfaces
  • Removed PropertyValueSnak::toArray
  • Removed SnakList::toArray and SnakList::newFromArray
  • Removed SnakObject::toArray and SnakObject::newFromArray
  • Removed SnakObject::newFromType

Other breaking changes:

  • Item now has an array of Statement rather than an array of Claim
  • Property no longer has an array of Claim
  • Claim and Statement no longer implement Serializable
  • Protected method Entity::entityToDiffArray got renamed to Entity::getDiffArray
  • Removed Fingerprint::getAliases
  • Removed EntityId::newFromPrefixedId
  • The constructor of EntityId is no longer public
  • Claims::getDiff no longer takes a second optional parameter
  • Claims::getDiff now throws an UnexpectedValueException rather than an InvalidArgumentException
  • Removed these class aliases deprecated since 0.4: ItemObject, ReferenceObject, ClaimObject, StatementObject
  • HashArray and SnakList no longer take an optional parameter in getHash
  • Calling clear on an Item will now cause its statements to be removed
  • SiteLinkList::addNewSiteLink no longer returns a SiteLinkList instance
  • Removed the global variable evilDataValueMap
  • Removed ClaimAggregate interface, which is thus no longer implemented by Entity
  • HashableObjectStorage::getValueHash no longer accepts a first optional parameter
  • MapHasher and MapValueHasher are now package private
  • Removed Claims::getDiff


  • Added ClaimList
  • Added StatementList
  • Added StatementListDiffer
  • Added PropertyDataTypeLookup and trivial implementation InMemoryDataTypeLookup
  • Added PropertyNotFoundException
  • Added ItemDiffer and PropertyDiffer
  • Added EntityDiffer and EntityDifferStrategy
  • Added Statement::getClaim
  • Added Item::getStatements
  • Added Item::setStatements


  • Deprecated Entity (but not the derivatives)
  • Deprecated Claims
  • Deprecated Entity::setId
  • Deprecated Entity::newClaim
  • Deprecated Entity::getAllSnaks
  • Deprecated Entity::getDiff in favour of EntityDiffer and more specific differs
  • Deprecated Item::getClaims in favour of Item::getStatements
  • Deprecated Item::setClaims in favour of Item::setStatements
  • Deprecated Item::hasClaims in favour of Item::getStatements()->count
  • Deprecated Item::addClaim in favour of Item::getStatements()->add*

Other changes

  • Undeprecated passing an integer to Item::setId and Property::setId
  • The FQN of Statement is now Wikibase\DataModel\Statement\Statement. The old FQN is deprecated.

Version 0.9.1 (2014-08-26)

  • Fixed error caused by redeclaration of getType in Entity, after it already got defined in EntityDocument

Version 0.9.0 (2014-08-15)

  • Changed the signatures of setLabel, setDescription and setAliasGroup in Fingerprint
  • Added hasLabel, hasDescription and hasAliasGroup to Fingerprint

Version 0.8.2 (2014-07-25)

  • Added EntityDocument interface, which is implemented by Entity
  • Added LegacyIdInterpreter
  • Undeprecated Entity::isEmpty
  • Undeprecated Entity::clear

Version 0.8.1 (2014-06-06)

  • Fixed fatal error when calling Item::getSiteLinkList on an Item right after constructing it

Version 0.8.0 (2014-06-05)

Breaking changes

  • Item::removeSiteLink no longer takes an optional second parameter and no longer returns a boolean
  • Shallow clones of Item will now share the same list of site links
  • SiteLinkList is now mutable


  • AliasGroupList::hasGroupForLanguage
  • AliasGroupList::setAliasesForLanguage
  • SiteLinkList::addSiteLink
  • SiteLinkList::addNewSiteLink
  • SiteLinkList::removeLinkWithSiteId
  • SiteLinkList::isEmpty
  • SiteLinkList::removeLinkWithSiteId
  • Item::getSiteLinkList
  • Item::setSiteLinkList
  • TermList::setTextForLanguage


  • Item::addSiteLink
  • Item::removeSiteLink
  • Item::getSiteLinks
  • Item::getSiteLink
  • Item::hasLinkToSite
  • Item::hasSiteLinks


  • An empty TermList can now be constructed with no constructor arguments
  • An empty AliasGroupList can now be constructed with no constructor arguments

Version 0.7.4 (2014-04-24)


  • Made these classes implement Comparable:
    • TermList
    • AliasGroupList
    • Fingerprint
    • SiteLink
    • SiteLinkList
    • Claim
    • Claims
    • Statement
  • Added methods to Fingerprint:
    • getLabel
    • setLabel
    • removeLabel
    • setLabels
    • getDescription
    • setDescription
    • removeDescription
    • setDescriptions
    • getAliasGroup
    • setAliasGroup
    • removeAliasGroup
    • setAliasGroups
    • getAliasGroups
    • isEmpty
  • Added ItemIdSet


  • Entity::clear (to be removed in 1.0)
  • Entity::isEmpty (to be removed in 1.0)
  • Entity::stub (to be removed in 1.0)
  • Fingerprint::getAliases (in favour of Fingerprint::getAliasGroups)


  • This library no longer uses the MediaWiki i18n system when MediaWiki is loaded. No description will be shown as part of its entry on Special:Version.

Version 0.7.3 (2014-04-11)


  • Added Wikibase\DataModel\Term namespace with these constructs:
    • Term\AliasGroup
    • Term\AliasGroupList
    • Term\Fingerprint
    • Term\FingerprintProvider
    • Term\Term
    • Term\TermList
  • Added Entity::getFingerprint
  • Added Entity::setFingerprint


  • Deprecated Property::newEmpty in favor of Property::newFromType
  • Deprecated old fingerprint related methods in Entity:
    • setLabel
    • setDescription
    • removeLabel
    • removeDescription
    • getAliases
    • getAllAliases
    • setAliases
    • addAliases
    • removeAliases
    • getDescriptions
    • getLabels
    • getDescription
    • getLabel
    • setLabels
    • setDescriptions
    • setAllAliases
  • Deprecated SnakList::newFromArray
  • Deprecated Statement::newFromArray
  • Deprecated Claim::newFromArray
  • Deprecated ReferenceList::newFromArray

Version 0.7.2 (2014-03-13)

  • Added Claims::getByRanks

Version 0.7.1 (2014-03-12)

  • Removed DataValues Geo, DataValues Time and DataValues Number from the dependency list. They where no longer needed.

Version 0.7.0 (2014-03-07)


  • Added TypedSnak value object
  • Added SiteLinkList value object
  • Added Claims::getBestClaims
  • Added Claims::getByRank


  • The PHPUnit bootstrap file now works again on Windows
  • Changed class loading from PSR-0 to PSR-4


  • Deprecated SiteLink::toArray(), SiteLink::newFromArray(), SiteLink::getBadgesFromArray()


  • Removed PropertySnak interface
  • Removed Claims::getObjectType

Version 0.6.0 (2013-12-23)


  • Wikibase DataModel now uses the "new" DataValues components. This means binding to other code has decreased and several design issues have been tackled.
  • Wikibase DataModel is now PSR-0 compliant.


  • All classes and interfaces not yet in the Wikibase\DataModel namespace got moved. The old names remain as aliases, and should be considered as deprecated.
  • SimpleSiteLink was renamed to SiteLink. The old name remains as deprecated alias.
  • Item::addSimpleSiteLink and Item::getSimpleSiteLinks where renamed to Item::adSiteLink and Item::getSiteLinks. The old names remains as deprecated aliases.


  • Entity::getTerms was removed, as it returned objects of type Term, which is defined by a component Wikibase DataModel does not depend upon.

Version 0.5.0 (2013-12-11)

Note that this list is incomplete. In particular, not all breaking changes are listed.


  • Added ItemId and PropertyId classes.
  • Added BasicEntityIdParser that allows for parsing of serializations of entity ids defined by Wikibase DataModel.
  • Added ClaimGuid and ClaimGuidParser.


  • EntityId no longer is a DataValue. A new EntityIdValue was added to function as a DataValue representing the identity of an entity.


  • ObjectComparer has been removed from the public namespace.
  • SnakFactory has been moved out of this component.


  • Constructing an EntityId (rather then one of its derivatives) is now deprecated.
  • Wikibase\EntityId has been renamed to Wikibase\DataModel\Entity\EntityId. The old name is deprecated.

Version 0.4.0 (2013-06-17)

Initial release as Wikibase DataModel component.

Version 0.1.0 (2012-11-01)

Initial release as part of Wikibase.