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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# frozen_string_literal: true
# freeotpp2qr: Converts a FreeOTP+ JSON backup into usable QR codes
require "json"
require "cgi"
require "base32"
require "open3"
KEY_FORMAT = "otpauth://%<type>s/%<label>s?" \
"secret=%<secret>s&" \
"issuer=%<issuer>s&" \
"algorithm=%<algorithm>s&" \
"digits=%<digits>s&" \
QRENCODE_ARGS = %w[qrencode -s 12 -o -].freeze
hsh = JSON.parse(, symbolize_names: true)
STDERR.puts "Displaying #{hsh[:tokens].size} QRs..."
hsh[:tokens].each do |token|
if token[:type].downcase! != "totp"
STDERR.puts "[!] non-TOTP token encountered, and I can't handle that yet!"
# Experimentally, the account name is stored under "label"
# and the issuer is stored under "issuerInt". There are also
# "issuerExt" and "issuerAlt" keys, and the former appears
# to be a fallback for "issuerInt".
account = token[:label]
issuer = token[:issuerInt] || token[:issuerExt]
if account.nil? || issuer.nil?
STDERR.puts "[!] No account or issuer name for #{token}, skipping!"
label = CGI.escape "#{issuer}:#{account}"
otpuri = KEY_FORMAT % {
type: token[:type],
label: label,
secret: Base32.encode(token[:secret].pack("c*")).delete("="),
issuer: CGI.escape(issuer),
algorithm: token[:algo],
digits: token[:digits],
period: token[:period],
png, status = Open3.capture2(*QRENCODE_ARGS, stdin_data: otpuri)
abort "Couldn't run qrencode!" unless status.success?
_, status = Open3.capture2("feh", "-", stdin_data: png)
abort "Couldn't run feh!" unless status.success?