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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# frozen_string_literal: true
# ronnpp: a (crappy) preprocessor for ronn
# rules:
# 1. <foo> gets translated to &lt;<foo>&gt;
# 2. ![foo] gets translated to [foo]
# 3. [foo] gets translated to \[[foo]\]
# 4. {foo} gets translated to [foo](foo)
codeblock = false
STDIN.each_line do |line|
codeblock = !codeblock if /```/.match?(line)
# 1. i prefer explicit <required options>, so escape *and* emphasize them
line.gsub!(/<([^<>]+)>/, '&lt;*\1*&gt;') unless codeblock
# 2. i also prefer explicit [optional options], so escape those as well
line.gsub!(/(?<!\!)\[([^\[\]]+)\]/, '\[[\1]\]') unless codeblock
# 3. ronn will get confused with just #2 when trying to mark an option without
# a reference later in the file, so provide ![foo] for those
line.gsub!(/\!\[([^\[\]]+)\]/, '\[\1\]') unless codeblock
# 4. #2 and #3 both screw with normal markdown links, so provide {foo}
# instead. this is all we really need, since URL labels don't make any sense
# within roff output
line.gsub!(/\{([^\{\}]+)\}/, '[\1](\1)') unless codeblock
puts line
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