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Add to cart button not working on variable products #1514

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I have variations of a product setup correctly (sizes for a shirt) and the Add to Cart button does not show up at all when one of the Size options is chosen. Regardless of whether ajax is on/off in WooCommerce settings.

I saw that removing the display:none style on

in variable.php will make the add to cart button display, but it still doesnt work.

Can someone take a look? Cant seem to find/figure out a solution for this.

Product is here:



Do you have wp_footer(); in your themes footer.php page?


When i put it in, the entire WooCommerce store becomes blank


You need wp_footer(). If that breaks things, look into your other plugins + theme.

@mikejolley mikejolley closed this

Thanks Mike, I played around with it and still had the same issues where wp_footer was breaking the Woo frontend. turns out this gizmo fixed it:


I'm also getting the add to cart button not working on variable products issue. My theme has wp_footer() in the correct place, and i've tried taking my custom templates and php code out of the build to make sure they're not interfering.

When submit is pressed, after product options are selected. "Please choose product options…" is appearing both with js on and off.

Im running Version 1.7.0 beta and everything is fine on the system status. Another thing to note, is Single products are adding to the basket fine.

Not sure if https://github./woothemes/woocommerce/issues/1495 is related. Any ideas on debugging would be greatly appreciated.



sponsorist, that link does not work. what fixed it?

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