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9.4 "" (released xx.xx.xxxx)
- checking: Support itms-services: URLs.
Closes: GH bug #532
- installation: Remove dependency on by pre-generating the
*.mo files and adding them to version control.
Reason was the difficulty to run under both Python 2 and 3.
- checking: When checking SSL certificates under POSIX systems try
to use the system certificate store.
- logging: improved debugging by also enabling urllib3 output
- checking: Correct typos in the proxy handling code.
Closes: GH bug #536
- checking: Add to default HTTP client headers instead of replacing.
- cmdline: Reactivate paging of help pages.
- requirements: Fix requests module version check.
Closes: GH bug #548
9.3 "Better Living Through Chemistry" (released 16.7.2014)
- checking: Parse and check links in PDF files.
- checking: Parse Refresh: and Content-Location: HTTP headers for URLs.
- plugins: PDF and Word checks are now parser plugins
(PdfParser, WordParser). Both plugins are not enabled
by default since they require third party modules.
- plugins: Print a warning for enabled plugins that could not
import needed third party modules.
- checking: Treat empty URLs as same as parent URL.
Closes: GH bug #524
- installation: Replaced the twill dependency with local code.
- checking: Catch XML parse errors in sitemap XML files and print them
as warnings. Patch by Mark-Hetherington.
Closes: GH bug #516
- checking: Fix internal URL match pattern. Patch by Mark-Hetherington.
Closes: GH bug #510
- checking: Recalculate extern status after HTTP redirection.
Patch by Mark-Hetherington.
Closes: GH bug #515
- checking: Do not strip quotes from already resolved URLs.
Closes: GH bug #521
- cgi: Sanitize configuration.
Closes: GH bug #519
- checking: Use user-supplied authentication and proxies when requestiong
- plugins: Fix Word file check plugin.
Closes: GH bug #530
9.2 "Rick and Morty" (released 23.4.2014)
- checking: Don't scan external robots.txt sitemap URLs.
Closes: GH bug #495
- installation: Correct case for pip install command.
Closes: GH bug #498
- checking: Parse and check HTTP Link: headers.
- checking: Support parsing of HTML image srcset attributes.
- checking: Support parsing of HTML schema itemtype attributes.
9.1 "Don Jon" (released 30.3.2014)
- checking: Support parsing of sitemap and sitemap index XML files.
Closes: GH bug #413
- checking: Add new HTTP header info plugin.
- logging: Support arbitrary encodings in CSV output.
Closes: GH bug #467
- installation: Use .gz compression for source release to support
"pip install".
Closes: GH bug #461
- checking: Ignored URLs are reported earlier now.
- checking: Updated the list of unkonwn or ignored URI schemes.
- checking: Internal errors do not disable check threads anymore.
- checking: Disable URL length warning for data: URLs.
- checking: Do not warn about missing addresses on mailto links that have
- checking: Check and display SSL certificate info even on redirects.
Closes: GH bug #489
- installation: Check requirement for Python requests >= 2.2.0.
Closes: GH bug #478
- logging: Display downloaded bytes.
- checking: Fix internal errors in debug output.
Closes: GH bug #472
- checking: Fix URL result caching.
- checking: Fix assertion in external link checking.
- checking: Fix SSL errors on Windows.
Closes: GH bug #471
- checking: Fix error when SNI checks are enabled.
Closes: GH bug #488
- gui: Fix warning regex settings.
Closes: GH bug #485
9.0 "The Wolf of Wall Street" (released 3.3.2014)
- checking: Support connection and content check plugins.
- checking: Move lots of custom checks like Antivirus and syntax
checks into plugins (see upgrading.txt for more info).
- checking: Add options to limit the number of requests per second,
allowed URL schemes and maximum file or download size.
Closes: GH bug #397, #465, #420
- checking: Support checking Sitemap: URLs in robots.txt files.
- checking: Reduced memory usage when caching checked links.
Closes: GH bug #429
- gui: UI language can be changed dynamically.
Closes: GH bug #391
- checking: Use the Python requests module for HTTP and HTTPS requests.
Closes: GH bug #393, #463, #417
- logging: Removed download, domains and robots.txt statistics.
- logging: HTML output is now in HTML5.
- checking: Removed 301 warning since 301 redirects are used
a lot without updating the old URL links.
Also, recursive redirection is not checked any more since there
is a maximum redirection limit anyway.
Closes: GH bug #444, #419
- checking: Disallowed access by robots.txt is an info now, not
a warning. Otherwise it produces a lot of warnings which
is counter-productive.
- checking: Do not check SMTP connections for mailto: URLs anymore.
It resulted in lots of false warnings since spam prevention
usually disallows direct SMTP connections from unrecognized
client IPs.
- checking: Only internal URLs are checked as default. To check
external urls use --check-extern.
Closes: GH bug #394, #460
- checking: Document that gconf and KDE proxy settings are parsed.
Closes: GH bug #424
- checking: Disable twill page refreshing.
Closes: GH bug #423
- checking: The default number of checking threads is 10 now instead of 100.
- logging: Status was printed every second regardless of the
configured wait time.
- logging: Add missing column name to SQL insert command.
Closes: GH bug #399
- checking: Several speed and memory usage improvements.
- logging: Fix --no-warnings option.
Closes: GH bug #457
- logging: The -o none now sets the exit code.
Closes: GH bug #451
- checking: For login pages, use twill form field counter if
the field has neither name nor id.
Closes: GH bug #428
- configuration: Check regular expressions for errors.
Closes: GH bug #410
8.6 "About Time" (released 8.1.2014)
- checking: Add "Accept" HTTP header.
Closes: GH bug #395
- installer: Include missing logger classes for Windows and
OSX installer.
Closes: GH bug #448
8.5 "Christmas Vacation" (released 24.12.2013)
- checking: Make per-host connection limits configurable.
- checking: Avoid DoS in SSL certificate host matcher.
- checking: Always use the W3C validator to check HTML or CSS syntax.
- checking: Remove the http-wrong-redirect warning.
- checking: Remove the url-content-duplicate warning.
- checking: Make SSL certificate verification optional and allow
user-specified certificate files.
Closes: GH bug #387
- cmdline: Replace argument parsing. No changes in functionality, only
the help text will be formatted different.
- gui: Check early if help files are not found.
Closes: GH bug #437
- gui: Remember the last "Save result as" selection.
Closes: GH bug #380
- checking: Apache Coyote (the HTTP server of Tomcat) sends the wrong
Content-Type on HEAD requests. Automatically fallback to GET in this
Closes: GH bug #414
- checking: Do not use GET on POST forms.
Closes: GH bug #405
- scripts: Fix argument parsing in linkchecker-nagios
Closes: GH bug #404
- installation: Fix building on OS X systems.
8.4 "Frankenweenie" (released 25.01.2013)
- checking: Support <link rel="dns-prefetch"> URLs.
- logging: Sending SIGUSR1 signal prints the stack trace of all current
running threads. This makes debugging deadlocks easier.
- gui: Support Drag-and-Drop of local files. If the local file is
a LinkChecker project (.lcp) file it is loaded, else the check
URL is set to the local file URL.
- checking: Increase per-host connection limits to speed up checking.
- checking: Fix a crash when closing a Word document after scanning failed.
Closes: GH bug #369
- checking: Catch UnicodeError from idna.encode() fixing an internal error when
trying to connect to certain invalid hostnames.
- checking: Always close HTTP connections without body content.
See also
Closes: GH bug #376
8.3 "Mahna Mahna Killer" (released 6.1.2013)
- project: The Project moved to Github.
Closes: GH bug #368
- logging: Print system arguments (sys.argv) and variable values in
internal error information.
- installation: Install the dns Python module into linkcheck_dns subdirectory to avoid
conflicts with an upstream python-dns installation.
- gui: Fix storing of ignore lines in options.
Closes: SF bug #3587386
8.2 "Belle De Jour" (released 9.11.2012)
- checking: Print a warning when passwords are found in the configuration file
and the file is accessible by others.
- checking: Add debug statements for unparseable content types.
Closes: SF bug #3579714
- checking: Turn off caching. This improves memory performance drastically
and it's a very seldom used feature - judging from user feedback over the years
and my own experience.
- checking: Only allow checking of local files when parent URL does not exist or
it's also a file URL.
- checking: Fix anchor checking of cached HTTP URLs.
Closes: SF bug #3577743
- checking: Fix cookie path matching with empty paths.
Closes: SF bug #3578005
- checking: Fix handling of non-ASCII exceptions (regression in 8.1).
Closes: SF bug #3579766
- configuration: Fix configuration directory creation on Windows
Closes: SF bug #3584837
8.1 "Safety Not Guaranteed" (released 14.10.2012)
- checking: Allow specification of maximum checking time or maximum
number of checked URLs.
- checking: Send a HTTP Do-Not-Track header.
- checking: Check URL length. Print error on URL longer than 2000 characters,
warning for longer than 255 characters.
- checking: Warn about duplicate URL contents.
- logging: A new XML sitemap logger can be used that implements the protocol
defined at
- doc: Mention 7-zip and Peazip to extract the .tar.xz under Windows.
Closes: SF bug #3564733
- logging: Print download and cache statistics in text output logger.
- logging: Print warning tag in text output logger. Makes warning filtering
more easy.
- logging: Make the last modification time a separate field in logging
output. See doc/upgrading.txt for compatibility changes.
- logging: All sitemap loggers log all valid URLs regardless of the
--warnings or --complete options. This way the sitemaps can be
logged to file without changing the output of URLs in other loggers.
- logging: Ignored warnings are now never logged, even when the URL
has errors.
- checking: Improved robots.txt caching by using finer grained locking.
- checking: Limit number of concurrent connections to FTP and HTTP
servers. This avoids spurious BadStatusLine errors.
- logging: Close logger properly on I/O errors.
Closes: SF bug #3567476
- checking: Fix wrong method name when printing SSL certificate warnings.
- checking: Catch ValueError on invalid cookie expiration dates.
Patch from Charles Jones.
Closes: SF bug #3575556
- checking: Detect and handle remote filesystem errors when checking
local file links.
8.0 "Luminaris" (released 2.9.2012)
- checking: Verify SSL certificates for HTTPS connections. Both the
hostname and the expiration date are checked.
- checking: Always compare encoded anchor names.
Closes: SF bug #3538365
- checking: Support WML sites.
Closes: SF bug #3553175
- checking: Show number of parsed URLs in page content.
- cmdline: Added Nagios plugin script.
- dependencies: Python >= 2.7.2 is now required
- gui: Display debug output text with fixed-width font.
- gui: Display the real name in the URL properties.
Closes: SF bug #3542976
- gui: Make URL properties selectable with the mouse.
Closes: SF bug #3561129
- checking: Ignore feed: URLs.
- checking: --ignore-url now really ignores the URLs instead
of checking only the syntax.
- checking: Increase the default number of checker threads from 10 to
- gui: Fix saving of the debugmemory option.
- checking: Do not handle <object codebase="..."> attribute as parent
URL but as normal URL to be checked.
- checking: Fix UNC path handling on Windows.
- checking: Detect more sites not supporting HEAD requests properly.
Closes: SF bug #3535981
7.9 "The Dark Knight" (released 10.6.2012)
- checking: Catch any errors initializing the MIME database.
Closes: SF bug #3528450
- checking: Fix writing temporary files.
- checking: Properly handle URLs with user/password information.
Closes: SF bug #3529812
- checking: Ignore URLs from local PHP files with execution
directives of the form "<? ?>".
Prevents false errors when checking local PHP files.
Closes: SF bug #3532763
- checking: Allow configuration of local webroot directory to
enable checking of local HTML files with absolute URLs.
Closes: SF bug #3533203
- installation: Support RPM building with cx_Freeze.
- installation: Added .desktop files for POSIX systems.
- checking: Allow writing of a memory dump file to debug memory
7.8 "Gangster Exchange" (released 12.5.2012)
- checking: Always use GET for Zope servers since their HEAD support
is broken.
Closes: SF bug #3522710
- installation: Install correct MSVC++ runtime DLL version for Windows.
- installation: Install missing Python modules for twill, cssutils and
- documentation: Made the --ignore-url documentation more clear.
Patch from Charles Jones.
Closes: SF bug #3522351
- installation: Report missing py2app instead of generating a
Distutils error.
Closes: SF bug #3522265
- documentation: Fix typo in linkcheckerrc.5 manual page.
Closes: SF bug #3522846
- installation: Add dependency declaration documentation to
Closes: SF bug #3524757
7.7 "Intouchables" (released 22.04.2012)
- checking: Detect invalid empty cookie values.
Patch by Charles Jones.
Closes: SF bug #3514219
- checking: Fix cache key for URL connections on redirect.
Closes: SF bug #3514748
- gui: Fix update check when content could not be downloaded.
Closes: SF bug #3515959
- i18n: Make locale domain name lowercase, fixing the .mo-file
lookup on Unix systems.
- checking: Fix CSV output with German locale.
Closes: SF bug #3516400
- checking: Write correct statistics when saving results in the GUI.
Closes: SF bug #3515980
- cmdline: Remove deprecated options --check-css-w3 and
- cgi: Added a WSGI script to replace the CGI script.
7.6 "Türkisch für Anfänger" (released 31.03.2012)
- checking: Recheck extern status on HTTP redirects even if domain
did not change. Patch by Charles Jones.
Closes: SF bug #3495407
- checking: Fix non-ascii HTTP header handling.
Closes: SF bug #3495621
- checking: Fix non-ascii HTTP header debugging.
Closes: SF bug #3488675
- checking: Improved error message for connect errors to the ClamAV
virus checking daemon.
- gui: Replace configuration filename in options dialog.
- checking: Honor the charset encoding of the Content-Type HTTP
header when parsing HTML. Fixes characters displayed as '?'
for non-ISO-8859-1 websites.
Closes: SF bug #3388257
- checking: HTML parser detects and handles invalid comments of the
form "<! bla >".
Closes: SF bug #3509848
- checking: Store cookies on redirects. Patch by Charles Jones.
Closes: SF bug #3513345
- checking: Fix concatenation of multiple cookie values.
Patch by Charles Jones.
- logging: Encode comments when logging CSV comments.
Closes: SF bug #3513415
- checking: Add real url to cache. Improves output for cached errors.
- checking: Specify timeout for SMTP connections. Avoids spurious
connect errors when checking email addresses.
Closes: SF bug #3504366
- config: Allow --pause and --cookiefile to be set in configuration file.
7.5 "Kukushka" (released 13.02.2012)
- checking: Properly handle non-ascii HTTP header values.
Closes: SF bug #3473359
- checking: Work around a Squid proxy bug which resulted in not
detecting broken links.
Closes: SF bug #3472341
- documentation: Fix typo in the manual page.
Closes: SF bug #3485876
- checking: Add steam:// URIs to the list of ignored URIs.
Closes: SF bug #3471570
- checking: Deprecate the --check-html-w3 and --check-css-w3 options.
The W3C checkers are automatically used if a local check library
is not installed.
- distribution: The portable version of LinkChecker does not write
the configuration file in the user directory anymore. So a user
can use this version on a foreign system without leaving any traces
- gui: Add Ctrl-L shortcut to highlight the URL input.
- gui: Support loading and saving of project files.
Closes: SF bug #3467492
7.4 "Warrior" (released 07.01.2012)
- gui: Fix saving of check results as a file.
Closes: SF bug #3466545, #3470389
- checking: The archive attribute of <applet> and <object> is a
comma-separated list of URIs. The value is now split and each URI
is checked separately.
- cmdline: Remove deprecated options.
- configuration: The dictionary-based logging configuration is now
used. The logging.conf file has been removed.
- dependencies: Python >= 2.7 is now required
- checking: Add HTML5 link elements and attributes.
7.3 "Attack the block" (released 25.12.2011)
- configuration: Properly detect home directory on OS X systems.
Closes: SF bug #3423110
- checking: Proper error reporting for too-long unicode hostnames.
Closes: SF bug #3438553
- checking: Do not remove whitespace inside URLs given on the
commandline or GUI. Only remove whitespace at the start and end.
- cmdline: Return with non-zero exit value when internal program
errors occurred.
- gui: Fix saving of check results as a file.
- gui: Display all options in one dialog instead of tabbed panes.
- gui: Add configuration for warning strings instead of regular
expressions. The regular expressions can still be configured in
the configuration file.
- gui: Add configuration for ignore URL patterns.
Closes: SF bug #3311262
- checking: Support parsing of Safari Bookmark files.
7.2 "Drive" (released 20.10.2011)
- checking: HTML parser now correctly detects character encoding for
some sites.
Closes: SF bug #3388291
- logging: Fix SQL output.
Closes: SF bug #3415274, #3422230
- checking: Fix W3C HTML checking by using the new soap12 output.
Closes: SF bug #3413022
- gui: Fix startup when configuration file contains errors.
Closes: SF bug #3392021
- checking: Ignore errors trying to get FTP feature set.
Closes: SF bug #3424719
- configuration: Parse logger and logging part names case insensitive.
Closes: SF bug #3380114
- gui: Add actions to find bookmark files to the edit menu.
- checking: If a warning regex is configured, multiple matches in
the URL content are added as warnings.
Closes: SF bug #3412317
- gui: Allow configuration of a warning regex.
7.1 "A fish called Wanda" (released 6.8.2011)
- checking: HTML parser detects and handles stray "<" characters before
end tags.
- checking: Reset content type setting after loading HTTP headers again.
Closes: SF bug #3324125
- checking: Remove query and fragment parts of file URLs. Fixes false
errors checking sites on local file systems.
Closes: SF bug #3308753
- checking: Do not append a stray newline character when encoding
authentication information to base64. Fixes HTTP basic
Closes: SF bug #3377193
- checking: Ignore attribute errors when printing the Qt version.
- checking: Update cookie values instead of adding duplicate entries.
Closes: SF bug #3373910
- checking: Send cookies in as few headers as possible.
Closes: SF bug #3346972
- checking: Send all domain-matching cookies that apply.
Closes: SF bug #3375899
- gui: Properly reset active URL count when checking stops.
Closes: SF bug #3311270
- gui: Default to last URL checked in GUI (if no URL is given as
commandline parameter).
Closes: SF bug #3311271
- cgi: Removed FastCGI module. The normal CGI module should be
- doc: Document the list of supported warnings in the linkcheckerrc(5)
man page.
Closes: SF bug #3340449
- checking: New option --user-agent to set the User-Agent header
string sent to HTTP web servers. Note that this does not change
or prevent robots.txt checking.
Closes: SF bug #3325026
7.0 "Plots with a View" (released 28.5.2011)
- doc: Correct reference to RFC 2616 for cookie file format.
Closes: SF bug #3299557
- checking: HTML parser detects and handles stray "<" characters.
Closes: SF bug #3302895
- checking: Correct wrong import path in configuration file.
Closes: SF bug #3305351
- checking: Only check warning patterns in parseable content.
Avoids false errors downloading large binary files.
Closes: SF bug #3297970
- checking: Correctly include dns.rdtypes.IN and dns.rdtypes.ANY
submodules in Windows and OSX installers. Fixes false DNS errors.
Closes: SF bug #3297235
- gui: Display status info into GUI main window instead of modal window.
Closes: SF bug #3297252
- gui: Display warnings in result column.
Closes: SF bug #3298036
- gui: Improved option dialog layout.
Closes: SF bug #3302498
- doc: Document the ability to search for URLs with --warning-regex.
Closes: SF bug #3297248
- checking: Support for a system configuration file has been removed.
There is now only one user-configurable configuration file.
- doc: Paginate linkchecker -h output when printing to console.
- logging: Colorize number of errors in text output logger.
- checking: Support both Chromium and Google Chrome profile dirs
for finding bookmark files.
- gui: Remember last 10 checked URLs in GUI.
Closes: SF bug #3297243
- gui: Display the number of selected rows as status message.
Closes: SF bug #3297247
6.9 "Cowboy Bebop" (released 6.5.2011)
- gui: Correctly reset logger statistics.
- gui: Fixed saving of parent URL source.
- installer: Fixed portable windows version by not compressing DLLs.
- checking: Catch socket errors when resolving GeoIP country data.
- checking: Automatically allow redirections from URLs given by the
- checking: Limit download file size to 5MB.
SF bug #3297970
- gui: While checking, show new URLs added in the URL list view by
scrolling down.
- gui: Display release date in about dialog.
Closes: SF bug #3297255
- gui: Warn before closing changed editor window.
Closes: SF bug #3297245
- doc: Improved warningregex example in default configuration file.
Closes: SF bug #3297254
- gui: Add syntax highlighting for Qt editor in case QScintilla
is not installed.
- gui: Highlight check results and colorize number of errors.
- gui: Reload configuration after changes have been made in the editor.
Closes: SF bug #3297242
6.8 "Ghost in the shell" (released 26.4.2011)
- checking: Make module detection more robust by catching OSError.
- gui: Print detected module information in about dialog.
- gui: Close application on Ctrl-C.
- checking: Ignore redirections if the scheme is not HTTP,
- build: Ship Microsoft C++ runtime files directly instead
of the installer package.
- gui: Make QScintilla editor optional by falling back to a
QPlainText editor.
- build: Support building a binary installer in 64bit Windows
- build: The Windows installer is now signed with a local self-signed
- build: Added a Mac OS X binary installer.
- network: Support getting network information on Mac OS X systems.
6.7 "Friendship" (released 12.4.2011)
- gui: Fix display of warnings in property pane.
Closes: SF bug #3263974
- gui: Don't forget to write statistics when saving result files.
- doc: Added configuration file locations in HTML documentation.
- doc: Removed mentioning of old -s option from man page.
- logging: Only write configured output parts in CSV logger.
- logging: Correctly encode CSV output.
Closes: SF bug #3263848
- logging: Don't print empty country information.
- gui: Don't crash while handling internal error in non-main threads.
- gui: Improved display of internal errors.
- logging: Print more detailed locale information on internal
- gui: Added CSV output type for results.
- gui: Use Qt Macintosh widget style on OS X systems.
- logging: Print recursion level in machine readable logger outputs
xml, csv and sql. Allows filtering the output by recursion level.
6.6 "Coraline" (released 25.3.2011)
- gui: Really read system and user configuration file.
- gui: Fix "File->Save results" command.
Closes: SF bug #3223290
- logging: Add warning tag attribute in XML loggers.
- gui: Added a crash handler which displays exceptions
in a dialog window.
6.5 "The Abyss" (released 13.3.2011)
- checking: Fix typo calling get_temp_file() function.
Closes: SF bug #3196917
- checking: Prevent false positives when detecting the MIME type
of certain archive files.
- checking: Correct conversion between file URLs and encoded
filenames. Fixes false errors when handling files with Unicode
- checking: Work around a Python 2.7 regression in parsing certain
URLs with paths starting with a digit.
- cmdline: Fix filename completion if path starts with ~
- cgi: Prevent encoding errors printing to sys.stdout using an
encoding wrapper.
- checking: Use HTTP GET requests to work around buggy IIS servers
sending false positive status codes for HEAD requests.
- checking: Strip leading and trailing whitespace from URLs and print
a warning instead of having errors.
Also all embedded whitespace is stripped from URLs given at the
commandline or the GUI.
Closes: SF bug #3196918
- configuration: Support reading GNOME and KDE proxy settings.
6.4 "The Sunset Limited" (released 20.2.2011)
- checking: Do not remove CGI parameters when joining URLs.
- checking: Correctly detect empty FTP paths as directories.
- checking: Reuse connections more than once and ensure they are
closed before expiring.
- checking: Make sure "ignore" URL patterns are checked before
"nofollow" URL patterns.
Closes: SF bug #3184973
- install: Properly include all linkcheck.dns submodules in the
.exe installer.
- gui: Remove old context menu action to view URL properties.
- gui: Disable viewing of parent URL source if it's a directory.
- gui: Use Alt-key shortcuts for menu entries.
- checking: Improved thread locking and reduce calls to time.sleep().
- cmdline: Deprecate the --priority commandline option. Now the check
process runs with normal priority.
- cmdline: Deprecate the --allow-root commandline option. Root
privileges are now always dropped.
- cmdline: Deprecate the --interactive commandline option. It has
no effect anymore.
- checking: Added support for Google Chrome bookmark files.
- gui: Preselect filename on save dialog when editing file:// URLs.
Closes: SF bug #3176022
- gui: Add context menu entries for finding Google Chrome and Opera
bookmark files.
6.3 "Due Date" (released 6.2.2011)
- install: Fixed the install instructions.
Closes: SF bug #3153484
- logging: Enforce encoding error policy when writing to stdout.
- checking: Prevent error message from Geoip by using the correct
API function when no city database is installed.
- checking: Properly detect case where IPv6 is not supported.
Closes: SF bug #3167249
- gui: Detect local or development versions in update check.
6.2 "Despicable Me" (released 6.1.2011)
- checking: Parse PHP files recursively.
- gui: Remove reset button from option dialog.
- gui: Add update check for newer versions of LinkChecker.
6.1 "Christmas Vacation" (released 23.12.2010)
- checking: Fix broken anchor checking.
Closes: SF bug #3140765
- checking: Properly detect filenames with spaces as
internal links when given as start URL.
- logging: Allow Unicode strings to be written to stdout without
encoding errors on Unix systems.
- logging: Fix missing content type for cached URLs.
- gui: Reset statistics before each run.
- install: Compress Windows installer with upx, saving some Bytes.
- gui: Add URL input context menu action to paste Firefox bookmark file.
- install: Added a portable package for Windows.
6.0 "Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special" (released 19.12.2010)
- checking: Fall back to HTTP GET requests when the connection has
been reset since some servers tend to do this for HEAD requests.
Closes: SF bug #3114622
- gui: Activate links in property dialog.
- gui: Fix sorting of columns in URL result list.
Closes: SF bug #3131401
- checking: Fix wrong __init__ call to URL proxy handler.
Closes: SF bug #3118254
- checking: Catch socket errors (for example socket.timeout)
when closing SMTP connections.
- dependencies: Require and use Python 2.6.
- cmdline: Removed deprecated options --no-anchor-caching and
- config: Remove backwards compatilibity parsing and require the
new multiline configuration syntax.
- logging: Use codecs module for proper output encoding.
Closes: SF bug #3114624
- checking: The maximum file size of FTP files is now limited
to 10MB.
- checking: Remove warning about using Unicode domains which are more
widely supported now.
- logging: The unique ID of an URL is not printed out anymore.
Instead the cache URL key should be used to uniquely identify URLs.
- gui: Display URL properties in main window instead of an extra
- logging: More statistic information about content types and URL
lengths is printed out.
- gui: Store column widths in registry settings.
- gui: Add ability to save results to local files with File->Save.
- gui: Assume the entered URL starts with http:// if it has no
scheme specified and is not a valid local file.
- gui: Display check statistics in main window.
- gui: There is now a clear button in the URL input field if any text
has been written to it.
5.5 "Red" (released 20.11.2010)
- checking: Do not check content of already cached URLs.
Closes: SF bug #1720083
- checking: Do not parse URL CGI part recursively, avoiding maximum
recursion limit errors.
Closes: SF bug #3096115
- logging: Avoid error when logger fields "intro" or "outro" are
- logging: Correctly quote edge labels of graph output formats and
remove whitespace.
- checking: Make sure the check for external domain is done after all
HTTP redirections.
- checking: Check for allowed content read before trying to
parse anchors in HTML file.
Closes: SF bug #3110569
- cmdline: Don't log a warning if URL has been redirected.
Closes: SF bug #3078820
- checking: Do not print warnings for HTTP -> HTTPS and HTTPS -> HTTP
redirects any more.
- logging: Changed comment format in GML output to be able to load the
graph in gephi.
- gui: Remove timeout and thread options.
- checking: Do not report irc:// hyperlinks as errors, ignore them
Closes: SF bug #3106302
- gui: Add command to save the parent URL source in a local file.
- gui: Show configuration files in option dialog and allow them to
be edited.
Closes: SF bug #3102201
- gui: Added dialog to show detailed URL properties on double click.
- gui: Store GUI options in registry settings.
5.4 "How to train your dragon" (released 26.10.2010)
- gui: Enable the cancel button again after it has been clicked and
- checking: Fix printing of active URLs on Ctrl-C.
- checking: Check for allowed content read before trying to
parse robots.txt allowance.
- gui: Prevent off-screen window position.
Closes: SF bug #3025284
- gui: Display cancel message in progress window.
- gui: Use separate debug log window.
- install: Copy and execute the Microsoft Visual C runtime DLL
installer. This solves startup error on WinXP systems that don't
have this DLL installed.
Closes: SF bug #3025284
- checking: Tune timeout values to close threads faster on exit.
Closes: SF bug #3087944
- config: Authentication password entries are optional and if missing
have to be entered at the commandline.
- gui: Added "View parent URL online" context menu action to display
source in text editor window.
Closes: SF bug #3040378
- gui: Read default options from configuration file.
Closes: SF bug #2931320
- config: Added configuration file option for the --cookies command line
- http: Allow specifying a login URL in the configuration file which
gets visited before checking submits login data.
Closes: SF bug #3041527
5.3 "Inception" (released 29.9.2010)
- ftp: Fix support for FTP ports other than the default.
- build: Use _WIN32 instead of WIN32 define to detect Windows systems.
Closes: SF bug #2978524
- http: Send correct host header when using proxies. Thanks Jason Martin
for the patch.
Closes: SF bug #3035754
- file: Prevent truncation of UNC paths on Windows systems.
Closes: SF bug #3017391
- url: Work around a Python bug cutting off characters when joining an
URL that starts with semicolon.
Closes: SF bug #3056136
- gui: Enable tree widget items to make them selectable. This makes
the right-click context menu work again.
Closes: SF bug #3040377
- checking: Caches are now size-restricted to limit the memory
- logging: Use more memory-efficient wire-format for UrlBase,
using __slots__.
Closes: SF bug #2976995
- checking: Get size from Content-Length HTTP header and for local
files from stat(2) so size information is available without
downloading the content data.
- checking: Remove the unnormed URL warning. URLs can be written
in more than one way and there is no norm.
Closes: SF bug #1575800
- checking: Add "skype:" to list of ignored URL schemes.
Closes: SF bug #2989086
- logging: Prefer the <a> element content as name instead of the title
Closes: SF bug #3023483
- logging: Use semicolon as default separator for CSV files so it opens
in Excel initially.
- checking: Allow redirections of external URLs if domain stays the
Closes: SF bug #3024394
- cmdline: The --password option now reads a password from stdin
instead taking it from the commandline.
- gui: Change registry base key to avoid spydoctor alert. Old keys
have to be deleted by hand though.
Closes: SF bug #3062161
- ftp: Detect and support UTF-8 filename encoding capability of FTP
- checking: Added new warning to check if content size is zero.
- install: Remove Windows registry keys on uninstall.
- checking: Do not fall back to GET when no recursion is requested on
single pages. This allows to check pages with a HEAD request even if
robots.txt disallows to get the page content.
- checking: detect and warn when obfuscated IP addresses are found.
- gui: Add "Copy to clipboard" context menu item to copy an URL to
the system clipboard.
- checking: Support the pygeoip package to display country information
on windows systems.
5.2 "11:14" (released 7.3.2010)
- logging: Use default platform encoding instead of hardcoded one
of iso-8859-1.
Closes: SF bug #2770077
- dns: Use /dev/urandom instead of /dev/random to get initial seed
on Linux machines since the last one can block indefinitely.
Closes: SF bug #2901667
- http: Retry if server closed connection and sent an empty
status line. Fixes the "BadStatusLine" errors.
- http: Prevent UnicodeDecodeError on redirection by ensuring that
the redirected URL will be Unicode encoded.
- checking: Prevent UnicodeDecodeError in robots.txt parser by
encoding the linkchecker useragent string.
- installer: Add commandline executable to Windows installer.
Closes: SF bug #2903257
- http: Warn about permanent redirections even when redirected URL is
outside of the domain filter.
Closes: SF bug #2920182
- mailto: An empty email-address is syntactically allowed according
to RFC2368. So the syntax error about missing email-addresses gets
demoted to a warning.
Closes: SF bug #2910588
- cmdline: Expand tilde (~) in filenames given with the --config option.
- cmdline: disabled and deprecated the --no-proxy-for option. Use the
$no_proxy environment variable instead.
- dns: Updated dnspython module from upstream version 1.8.1.
- checking: Improved HTML parsing speed:
a) The parsers for HTML title and robots.txt meta tags stop after seeing
a <body> tag.
b) Anchor references are not always parsed, but onl when the--anchor
option was given.
c) Found HTML links are not queued after parsing the whole file, but
directly when found. This also saves some memory.
- checking: Check hyperlinks of Word documents. Needs pywin32
- http: Allow and support HTTPS proxies.
5.1 "Let the right one in" (released 04.08.2009)
- logging: The content size of downloads is now shown again.
- logging: The CSV logger does not crash anymore when only parts
of log output was configured
Closes: SF bug #2806790
- http: Fixed persistent connection handling: retry connecting to HTTP
servers which close persistent connections unexpectedly.
- bookmarks: correctly read the bookmark title from Mozilla places.sqllite
- checking: ignore the fragment part (ie. the anchor) of URIs when
getting and caching HTTP content; follows the HTTP/1.1 specification which
does not include fragments in the protocol. Thanks to Martin von Gagern
for pointing this out.
This also deprecates the --no-anchor-caching option which will be
removed in future releases.
Closes: SF bug #2784996
- checking: Prefer to encode spaces with %20 instead of + to be sure mailto:
URLs are understood by email clients.
Closes: SF bug #2820773
- checking: Allow digits at end of domain names.
- logging: Switch default output encoding of loggers to UTF-8, except the
text logger which also honors the system settings.
Closes: SF bug #2579899
- logging: Make output more concise by not logging duplicate cached URLs.
- nntp: Only retry 3 instead of 5 times to connect to busy NNTP servers.
- cmdline: The command line script exits with error only when errors
or warnings are printed. Previously it exited with error status even
when all warnings were ignored.
Closes: SF bug #2820812
- email: Added email syntax checking.
Closes: SF bug #2595437
- gui: Improved progress dialog in GUI client: show active and queued URLs.
- gui: Added right-click context menu for logged URLs.
- nntp: Output welcome message from NNTP servers as info.
- http: Honor the no_proxy environment variable.
- config: the system configuration is copied to the user configuration at
~./linkchecker/linkcheckerrc if it does not exist yet.
- logging: the loggers now have an additional field "ID" which prints
a unique ID for each logged URL.
5.0.2 "All the boys love Mandy Lane" (released 13.2.2009)
* Properly detect location of the log configuration file in the Windows
binary .exe.
Closes: SF bug #2564674
* Install locale .mo files in the Windows binary .exe
5.0.1 "Slumdog Millionaire" (released 31.1.2009)
* Remove unit tests from distribution to avoid antivirus software
alarms with the virus filter tests.
Closes: SF bug #2537822
* Updated dnspython module from upstream.
Changed: linkcheck/dns/*, tests/dns/*
5.0 "Iron Man" (released 24.1.2009)
* Require and use Python >= 2.5.
Type: feature
Changed: *.py
* Send HTTP Referer header for both http and https URLs.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* The HTML and CSS syntax check now only applies to URLs
which match those given on the command line.
This makes checking of personal pages easier.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Added online HTML and CSS syntax checks using W3C validators.
Implemented as commandline options --check-html-w3 and
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/checker/
* Added ability to scan URL content with ClamAV virus scanner.
Implemented as commandline option --scan-virus.
Type: feature:
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/checker/
Added: linkcheck/
* Improved network interface detection on POSIX systems.
Type: bugfix
Added: linkcheck/network/*
* Improved graph output: print labels as node names. Thanks
to Jan Weiss for the initial idea.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/logger/{dot,gml,gxml}.py
Added: linkcheck/logger/
* Add support for setuptools and thus Python eggs in the
script. This should fix installation errors for generated .egg
Type: feature
Closes: SF bug #1985509
* Support parsing of HTML pages served with application/xhtml+xml
content type.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1994104
* Support reading URLs from stdin in the commandline interface.
Type: feature
Closes: SF bug #2013873, #2013874
Changed: linkchecker
* Improved filename recognition on Windows systems.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Fix error encoding non-ASCII robots.txt content. Makes some sites
like accessible with LinkChecker.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Fix off-by-one error in cookie domain matching code. Prevented
some cookie files to work properly.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
Closes: SF bug #2016451
* Improved double Ctrl-C abort on Unix and Windows platforms.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/director/
* Support reading Firefox 3 bookmark files in SQLite format.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Handle non-Latin1 filenames when checking local directories.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #2093225
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Use configured proxy when requesting robots.txt, especially
honor the noproxy values.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #2091297
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/cache/,
* Added new --complete option; making --verbose less chatty.
Type: feature
Closes: SF #2338973
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/configuration/
* Remove gopher: URL checking.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Removed: linkcheck/checker/
4.9 "Michael Clayton" (released 25.4.2008)
* Parse Shockwave Flash (SWF) for URLs to check
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Don't parse <script for=""> attributes since they specify IDs, not
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Fix bash filename completion script:
- add missing COMPREPLY variable
- support whitespace in files using "-o filenames" bash completion
- support subdirs by adding a FileCompleter argument matcher to
Type: bugfix
Changed: config/linkchecker-completion
* Prevent unicode errors when an email address contains non-ascii
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Workaround for buggy servers that break protocol synchronization of
persistent HTTP connections.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Closes: SF bug #1913992
* Properly fall back to DNS A requests when no MX host could be found
for a mailto: URL.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Closes: SF bug #1942463
* Double Ctrl-C aborts checking immediately, without cleanup.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/director/
Closes: SF bug #1720104
* Intern patterns now accept URLs with and without "www." prefixes
as default. This allows sites to check that use both variants.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Added --check-html and --check-css options to enable HTML and CSS
syntax checking. Uses third-party modules "tidy" and "cssutils"
for the actual check.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/checker/
4.8 "Hallam Foe" (released 16.12.2007)
* Fix message typo for not disclosing information.
Type: documentation
Closes: SF bug #1758531
Changed: linkcheck/director/, po/de.po, po/linkchecker.pot
* Always read the request body data on persistent HTTP connections, else
subsequent calls will get data from the previous request.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Zope server workaround: assume missing HEAD support when receiving
text/plain on a HEAD request. Switch to GET request in this case.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1770131
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Prevent double encoding in HTML info output.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
* Honor urllib.proxy_bypass() when ignoring proxy settings.
This only affected Windows systems, since on other platforms
the proxy_bypass() function always return False (on Python <= 2.5
that is).
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Document the --configfile option in the man page.
Type: documentation
Changed: doc/{en,de}/linkchecker.1
* Remove comments from CSS content before searching for links.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/checker/
Closes: SF bug #1831900
* Try to detect unkonwn URL schemes from the command line, eg. URLs
like "rtsp://foo".
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/,
* Fix typo in warnings and use constants for the warning strings
to avoid this in the future.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1838803
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Make sure LinkChecker does not check paths that are not prefixed
with the start URL.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1841305
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Added: linkcheck/checker/test/
* Try to solve the "Too many open files" errors that users have
+ Ensure that the connection of a checked URL are closed after checking
(except for reused connections in the connection pool).
+ Regularly close expired connections from the connection pool, and
finally close all of them when the program is finished.
Closes: SF #1758338, SF #1678055, SF #1631042
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/cache/, linkcheck/director/,
Added: linkcheck/directory/
* Add man page linkcheckerrc(5) for the configuration file format.
Type: documentation
Added: doc/{en,de}/linkcheckerrc.5
Changed: doc/po4a.conf
* Drop french translations, they are less than 20% complete for
years now.
Type: documentation
Removed: doc/fr/*
* Correct misnamed colums in create.sql script: r/*string/\1/g
Type: bugfix
Changed: config/create.sql
Closes: SF #1849733
* Improved cookie parsing:
+ Allow spaces in attribute values. Example:
"Set-Cookie: expires=Wed, 12-Dec-2001 19:27:57 GMT"
is now parsed correctly
+ Add an optional leading dot for domain names, and account for that
in the domain checking routine.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* Don't print cached errors or warnings unless verbose output is
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/director/,
4.7 "300" (released 17.6.2007)
* Mention in the documentation that --anchors enables logging of
the anchor warning.
Type: documentation
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/doc/*/linkchecker.1
* Make sure --anchors and --no-warnings play along in the configuration.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/configuration/
* Check that charset is not None before lowering it in set_encoding().
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/HtmlParser/
* Use standard "utf-8" charset name instead of "utf8" for the XML output
encoding. Thanks to Dan Reitano for the note.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
* Added "created" attribute in XML output root element.
Added "result" attribute in XML output valid element.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
* Fix printing of unicode names. Thanks to Frank Bennet for the hint.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/logger/{html,text}.py
* Deprecate gopher: URLs. They do not really exist anymore and the
gopherlib module in Python 2.5 is deprecated and will vanish soon.
Type: feature
Changed: doc/*/{documentation.txt,linkchecker.1}, linkchecker
4.6 "Cars" (released 16.12.2006)
* Fixed default config file syntax by not indenting comment lines
Type: bugfix
Changed: config/linkcheckerrc
* Don't set the URL result on redirections when getting the content.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Ignore errors when opening the log file output, and display a warning
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1600172
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
Added: linkcheck/
* Added some more examples.
Added: doc/examples/*.sh
* Pull in changes from Python subversion repository to locally stored
gzip and httplib modules.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/{httplib2,gzip2}.py
4.5 "The Good Humor Man" (released 25.9.2006)
* Don't ignore robots.txt entries consisting only of Allow: directives.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Don't rely on HTTP HEAD requests to generate the same response status
as HTTP GET. So we have to follow redirections when using HTTP GET to
get page contents.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Document proxy URL syntax.
Closes: SF bug #1562129
Type: documentation
Changed: linkchecker, {doc,po}/{en,de}.po, doc/{en,de}/linkchecker.1
* Print active URLs on Ctrl-C interrupt.
Closes: SF patch #1562177
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/director/
* Replace all old "entry1, entry2" configuration entries with
multiline "entry" config entry. The old syntax is still supported,
but deprecated.
Closes: SF patch #1562195
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/configuration/
* If LinkChecker was not able to spawn the initial checker and status
threads, print an informative error instead of an internal error.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/director/
4.4 "Garden State" (released 16.9.2006)
* The JavaScript URL syntax check allows now digits and underscores.
Patch from Olivier Berger.
Type: bugfix
Changed: cgi-bin/lconline/check.js
* Add "internlinks" documentation and example to the default config
file linkcheckerrc.
Type: documentation
Changed: config/linkcheckerrc
* Detect more cases when a HTTP connection cannot be reused and
must be closed. And close response objects after usage.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Only wait before a new connection to a host, not when reusing
a previous connection.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/cache/
* Add more infos to various HTTP errors. Don't close connection when
the response object is still open.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* Ignore keyboard interrupts during shutdown.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/director/
* Removed old Psyco references from man page and documentation.
Type: documentation
Changed: doc/*/linkchecker.1, doc/en/install.txt
4.3 "Brick" (released 17.8.2006)
* Use RawConfigParser for config parsing, getting rid of the unused
interpolation feature of the default ConfigParser.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/configuration/
* Removed the deprecated --disable-psyco option.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker
* Allow infinite recursion in CGI script, and add a warning about
performance requirements.
Type: feature
Changed: cgi-bin/lconline/lc_cgi.html.*, linkcheck/,
4.2 "V for Vendetta" (released 26.7.2006)
* Drop privileges when running as root under Unix systems. Add
new option --allow-root to prevent this.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, doc/{en,de}/linkchecker.1
* Don't generate empty output files, open them only when they are
written to.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/logger/{__init__,text}.py
* Only accept ASCII in robots.txt content
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Fix the --profile option run.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkchecker
* Remove the psyco optimizer, it prevented Ctrl-C breaking to work
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkchecker
* Norm the base reference URL.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* If default encoding cannot be determined, fall back to ASCII.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
Closes: SF bug #1524800
4.1 "Tsotsi" (released 29.5.2006)
* Wait for spawned threads to finish before shutdown. Gets rid
of exceptions during shutdown.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/director/*.py
* Every once in a while look through the URL queue and put cached
URLs to the top. This way cached URLs will get checked more quickly.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/cache/
4.0 "Down in the Valley" (released 19.5.2006)
* Put a name to the DOT graph output. Thanks to Peter Chiocchetti
for noticing this.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
* Parse <!> empty SGML comments in HTML data. And build the HTML
parser with equivalence class compression which makes it a lot
smaller and only a little tad slower.
Also, literal </script> is not allowed anymore in single-line
JavaScript comments in HTML data.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/HtmlParser/htmllex.[lc],
* Revamp the threading algorithm by using a URL queue, with a
constant number of consumer threads called 'workers'.
This fixes the remaining "dequeue mutated during iteration" errors.
Type: feature
Changed: *.py
* The default intern pattern matches both http: and https: schemes
Type: feature
Changed: linckheck/checker/
* If the robots.txt connection times out, don't bother to check
the URL but report an error immediately. Avoids having the
timeout twice.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* DNS lookups for HTTP links are now cached.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
Added: linkcheck/cache/
* Added timeout value option to the configuration file.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/configuration/, config/linkcheckerrc
* New option --cookiefile to set initial cookie values sent to
HTTP servers.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/configuration/,
linkcheck/checker/, linkcheck/
* The --pause option delays requests to the same host, and is not
required to disable threading to do that.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/cache/, linkcheck/checker/,
* Honor the "Crawl-delay" directive in robots.txt files.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/checker/,
linkcheck/cache/, linkcheck/cache/,
* Merge IgnoredUrl and ErrorUrl into UnknownUrl. Enables caching
on invalid URLs, plus the ability to first check for external
URL patterns.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Removed: linkcheck/checker/{ignored,error}
Added: linkcheck/checker/
* Convert the "label too long" domain name parse error into
a more friendly error message.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/{__init__,urlbase,httpurl,fileurl}.py,
3.4 "The Chumscrubbers" (released 4.2.2006)
* Ignore decoding errors when retrieving the robots.txt URL.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* On HTTP redirects, cache all the encountered URLs, not just the
initial one.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/{urlbase,httpurl,cache}.py
* Fixed the Cookie parsing and sending.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Added: linkcheck/
* The psyco optimizer now has a maximum memory limit.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker
* The checker did not recurse into command line URLs that had upper
case characters.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Closes: SF bug #1413162
* Fix a possible thread race condition by checking the return
value of the lock.acquire() method.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
3.3 "Four Brothers" (released 14.10.2005)
* Fix parsing of ignore and nofollow in configuration files.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
Closes: SF bug #1311964, #1270783
* Ignore refresh meta content without a recognizable URL.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
Closes: SF bug #1294456
* Catch CGI syntax errors in mailto: URLs, and add an appropriate
warning about the error.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Closes: SF bug #1290563
* Initialize the i18n on module load time, so one does not have
to call init_i18n() manually anymore. Fixes parts in the code
(ie. the CGI script) that forgot to do this.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
Closes: SF bug #1277577
* Compress libraries in the .exe installer with UPX compressor.
Type: feature
* Ensure that base_url is Unicode for local files.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Closes: Debian bug #332870
* The default encoding for program and logger output will be the
preferred encoding now. It is determined from your current locale
system settings.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/checker/,
linkcheck/, linkcheck/logger/
* Improved documentation about recursion and proxy support.
Type: documentation
Changed: linkchecker, doc/en/documentation.txt,
* Make sure that given proxy values are reasonably well-formed.
Else abort checking of the current URL.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Correctly catch internal errors in the check URL loop, and
disable raising certain exceptions while the abort routine finishes
Fixes the "dequeue mutated during iteration" errors.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/{__init__,consumer}.py
Closes: SF bug #1325570, #1312865, #1307775, #1292919, #1264865
3.2 "Kiss kiss bang bang" (released 3.8.2005)
* Fixed typo in redirection handling code.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Handle all redirections to different URL types, not just HTTP ->
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Workaround a bug raising ValueError on some failed
HTTP authorisations.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1250555
Changed: linkcheck/
* Fix invalid import in DNS resolver.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/dns/
3.1 "Suspicious" (released 18.7.2005)
* Updated documentation for the HTML parser.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/HtmlParser/*
* Added new DNS debug level and use it for DNS routines.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/, doc/en/linkchecker.1,
* Use tags for different LinkChecker warnings and allow them to
be filtered with a configuration file entry.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/checker/*.py,
* Add compatibility fix for HTTP/0.9 servers, from Python CVS.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Add buffer flush fix for gzip files, from Python CVS.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Do not cache URLs where a timeout or unusual error occurred.
This way they get re-checked.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/{__init__, urlbase}.py
* For HTTP return codes, try to use the official W3C name when it
is defined.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Fix detection code of supported GCC command line options. this
fixes a build error on some Unix systems (eg. FreeBSD).
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1238906
* Renamed the old "xml" output logger to "gxml" and added a new
"xml" output logger which writes a custom XML format.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/logger/*xml*.py
* Use correct number of checked URLs in status output.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1239943
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
3.0 "The Jacket" (released 8.7.2005)
* Catch all check errors, not just the ones inside of URL checking.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Ensure that the name of a newly created thread is ASCII. Else there
can be encoding errors.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/checker/,
* Use our own gzip module to cope with incomplete gzip streams.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1158475
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Added: linkcheck/
* Fix hard coded python.exe path in the batch file linkchecker.bat.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1206858
* Allow empty relative URLs. Note that a completely missing URL is
still an error (ie. <a href=""> is valid, <a href> is an error).
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1217397
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/logger/*.py,
* Added checks for more <meta> URL entries, especially favicon
check was added.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* Limit memory consumption of psyco optimizer.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker
* Always norm the URL before sending a request.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Send complete email address on SMTP VRFY command. Avoids a spurious
warning about incomplete email addresses.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* The old intern/extern URL configuration has been replaced with
a new and hopefully simpler one. Please see the documentation on
how to upgrade to the new option syntax.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/*.py
* Honor XHTML in tag browser.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1217356
Changed: linkcheck/
* Catch curses.setupterm() errors.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1216092
Changed: linkcheck/
* Only call _optcomplete bash completion function when it exists.
Type: bugfix
Closes: Debian bug #309076
Changed: config/linkchecker-completion
* If a default config file (either /etc/linkchecker/linkcheckerrc or
~/.linkchecker/linkcheckerrc) does not exist it is not added to
the config file list.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* The default output encoding is now that of your locale, and not
the hardcoded iso-8859-15 anymore.
Type: feature
Closes: Debian bug #307810
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
* Do not generate an empty user config dir ~/.linkchecker by default,
only when needed.
Type: feature
Closes: Debian bug #307876
Changed: linkchecker
* Redundant dot path at beginning of relative urls are now removed.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/tests/
* Displaying warnings is now the default. One can disable warnings
with the --no-warnings option. The old --warnings option is
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/
* CGI parameters in URLs are now properly splitted and normed.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* The number of encountered warnings is printed on program end.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/logger/{text,html}.py
* The deprecated --status option has been removed.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker
* New option --disable-psyco to disable psyco compilation regardless
if it is installed.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker
* Since URL aliases from redirections do not represent the real
URL with regards to warnings, the aliases are no longer cached.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/, linkcheck/checker/
* The ignored url type honors now intern/extern filters.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Closes: SF #1223956
2.9 "Sweat" (released 22.4.2005)
* Use collections.deque object for incoming URL list. This is faster
than a plain Python list object.
Type: optimization
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Updated spanish translation, thanks to Servilio Afre Puentes.
Type: feature
Changed: po/es.po
2.8 "Robots" (released 8.4.2005)
* Correct AttributeError in blacklist logger.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1173823
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
* Do not enforce an optional slash in empty URI paths. This resulted
in spurious warnings.
Closes: SF bug #1173841
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/tests/
* On NT-derivative Windows systems, the command line scripts is now named
"linkchecker.bat" to facilitate execution.
Type: feature
Changed:,, doc/en/index.txt
* Use pydoc.pager() in strformat.paginate() instead of rolling out
our own paging algorithm.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
2.7 "Million Dollar Baby" (released 30.3.2005)
* When a host has no MX record, fall back to A records as the mail
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Do not split CGI params on semicolons. This is wrong of course,
but not supported by all servers. A later version of the CGI parser
engine will split and re-join semicolons.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Make sure that URLs are always Unicode strings and not None.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1168720
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/
* Fix the detection of persistent HTTP connections.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* HTTP connections with pending data will not be cached.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Add all URL aliases to the URL cache to avoid recursion. This
also changes some invariants about what URLs are expected to be
in the cache.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
2.6 "Lord of the Rings" (released 15.3.2005)
* Run with low priority. New option --priority to run with normal
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/
* If GeoIP Python wrapper is installed, log the country name as info.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
Added: linkcheck/checker/
* New option --no-proxy-for that lets linkchecker contact the given
hosts directly instead of going through a proxy.
Also configurable in linkcheckerrc
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/checker/,
* Give a useful error message for syntax errors in regular expressions.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/
* Accept quoted urls in CSS attributes.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Eliminate duplicate link reporting in the link parser.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Do not send multiple Accept-Encoding headers.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Avoid deadlocks between the cache and the queue lock.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/, linkcheck/checker/
Added: linkcheck/
* Always reinitialize stored HTTP headers on redirects; prevents
a false alarm about recursive redirects.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
2.5 "Spanglish" (released 4.3.2005)
* Added spanish translation, thanks to Servilio Afre Puentes.
Type: feature
Changed: po/Makefile
Added: po/es.po
* Ignore a missing locale/ dir and fall back to the default locale
instead of crashing.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Since and have been removed from some
Python standard installations (eg. Debian GNU/Linux), make their
usage optional.
Using --profile without an available prints a warning
and runs linkchecker without profiling.
Using --viewprof without an available prints an error
and exits.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkchecker
* Ensure stored result, info and warning strings are always Unicode.
Else there might be encoding errors.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1143553
Changed: linkcheck/checker/{urlbase,httpurl,ftpurl}.py,
* Fix -h help option on Windows systems
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1149987
Changed: linkchecker
2.4 "Kitchen stories" (released 9.2.2005)
* Work around a Python 2.4 bug when HTTP 302 redirections are
encountered in urllib2.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Be sure to use Unicode HTML parser messages.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Make sure that FTP connections are opened when they are reused.
Else open a new connection.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Added '!' to the list of unquoted URL path characters.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/tests/
* Fix Windows path name for network paths.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1117839
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Regularly remove expired connections from the connection pool.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Documentation and pylint cleanups.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/*.py
2.3 "Napoleon Dynamite" (released 3.2.2005)
* Use and require Python >= 2.4.
Type: feature
Changed: doc/install.txt, linkcheck/, some scripts
* Add square brackets ([]) to the list of allowed URL characters
that do not need to be quoted.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Document the return value of the linkchecker command line script
in the help text and man pages.
Type: documentation
Changed: linkchecker, doc/{en,de,fr}/linkchecker.1
* Always write the GML graph beginning, not just when "intro" field
is defined.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
* Added DOT graph format output logger.
Type: feature
Added: linkcheck/logger/
Changed: linkcheck/logger/, linkcheck/,
* Added ftpparse module to parse FTP LIST output lines.
Type: feature
Added linkcheck/ftpparse/*
Changed:, linkcheck/checker/
* Ignore all errors when closing SMTP connections.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Do not list FTP directory contents when they are not needed.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Added connection pooling, used for HTTP and FTP connections.
Type: feature
Added: linkcheck/checker/
Changed: linkcheck/checker/{cache, httpurl, ftpurl}.py
* The new per-user configuration file is now stored in
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/, doc/{de,en,fr}/*.1
* The new blacklist output file is now stored in
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/, doc/{de,en,fr}/*.1
* Start the log output before appending new urls to the consumer since
this can trigger logger.new_url().
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/{__init__, consumer}.py
* Fix crash when using -t option.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkchecker
* Updated french translation of linkchecker, thanks to Yann Verley.
Type: feature
Changed: po/fr.po, doc/fr/linkchecker.1
2.2 "Cube" (released 25.01.2005)
* CSV log format changes:
- default separator is now a comma, not a semicolon
- the quotechar can be configured and defaults to a double quote
- write CSV column headers as the first data row
(thanks to Hartmut Goebel)
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
* Support bzip-compressed man pages in RPM install script.
From Hartmut Goebel.
Type: feature
* HTML parser updates:
- supply and use Py_CLEAR macro
- only call set_encoding function if tag name is 'meta'
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/HtmlParser/*
* Changed documentation format for epydoc.
Type: documentation
Changed: *.py
* Fix FTP error message display crash.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Ask before overwriting old profile data with --profile.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker
* When searching for link names, limit the amount of data to look at
to 256 characters. Do not look at the complete content anymore.
This speeds up parsing of big HTML files significantly.
Type: optimization
Changed: linkcheck/
* Support Psyco >= 1.4. If you installed older versions of Psyco,
a warning is printed.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, doc/install.txt
* The build script uses -std=gnu99 when using GNU gcc compilers.
This gets rid of several compile warnings.
Type: feature
* Correct the sent User-Agent header when getting robots.txt files.
Added a simple robots.txt example file.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
Added: doc/robots.txt
* Updated the included linkcheck/ from the newest
found in Python CVS.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* Do not install unit tests. Only include them in the source distribution.
Type: feature
2.1 "Shogun Assassin" (released 11.1.2005)
* Added XHTML support to the HTML parser.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/HtmlParser/*
* Support plural forms in gettext translations.
Type: feature
Changed: po/*.po*
* Remove intern optcomplete installation, and make it optional to
install, since it is only needed on Unix installations using
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, config/linkchecker-completion
Removed: linkcheck/
* Minor enhancements in url parsing.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* Sort according to preference when checking MX hosts so that
preferred MX hosts get checked first.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* If mail VRFY command fails, print a warning message.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
2.0 "I Kina spiser de hunde" (released 7.12.2004)
* Regenerate the HTML parser with new Bison version 1.875d.
Also use the now supported Bison memory macros YYMALLOC and
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/HtmlParser/htmlparse.y
* Updated installation and usage documentation.
Type: documentation
Changed: doc/install.txt, doc/index.txt
* Added comment() method to loggers for printing comments.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/logger/*.py
* Updated and translated manpages. French translation from
Yann Verley. German translation from me ;)
Type: documentation
Added: doc/de/, doc/fr/
Changed: doc/en/linkchecker.1
* Fix mailto: URL norming by splitting the query type correctly.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Encode all output strings for display.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkchecker
* Accept -o option logger type as case independent string.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker
* Internal Unicode handling fixed.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/checker/*.py
* Use correct FTP directory list parsing.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
2.0rc2 "El dia de la bestia" (released 20.11.2004)
* encode version string for --version output
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1067915
Changed: linkchecker
* Added shell config note with --home install option.
Type: documentation
Closes: SF bug #1067919
Changed: doc/install.txt
* Recheck robots.txt allowance and intern/extern filters for
redirected URLs.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1067914
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Updated the warning and info messages to be always complete
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/*.py, po/*, linkcheck/ftests/*.py,
* Added missing script_dir to the windows installer script.
Use python.exe instead of pythonw.exe and --interactive option to
call linkcheck script.
Add Documentation link to the programs group.
Type: bugfix
2.0rc1 "The Incredibles" (released 16.11.2004)
* Only instantiate SSL connections if SSL is supported
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Close all opened log files.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/logger/*.py
* All loggers have now an output encoding. Valid encodings are listed
in The default encoding is
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/logger/*.py
* The --output and --file-output parameters can specify the encoding
now. The documentation has been updated with this change.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkchecker.1
* The encoding can also be specified in the linkcheckerrc config file.
Type: feature
Changed: config/linkcheckerrc
* All leading directories of a given output log file are created
automatically now. Errors creating these directories or opening
the log file for writing abort the checking and print a usage mesage.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/logger/
* Coerce url names to unicode
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Accept unicode filenames for resolver config
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/dns/
* LinkChecker accepts now Unicode domain names and converts them
according to RFC 3490 (
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/dns/, linkcheck/
* Exceptions in the log systems are no more caught.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* Remember a <base href=""> tag in the link parser. Saves one HTML
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/, linkcheck/
* Optimize link name parsing of img alt tags.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* Remove all references to the old 'colored' output logger.
Type: documentation
Closes: SF bug #1062011
Changed: linkchecker.1
* Synchronized the linkchecker documentation and the man page.
Type: documentation
Closes: SF bug #1062034
Changed: linkchecker, linkchecker.1
* Make --quiet an alias for -o none.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1063144
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/,
* Re-norm a changed file:// base url, avoiding a spurious warning.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Wrong case of file links on Windows platforms now issue a
Type: feature
Closes: SF bug #1062007
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Updated the french translation. Thanks to Yann Verley.
Type: feature
Changed: po/fr.po
1.13.5 "Die Musterknaben" (released 22.9.2004)
* Use xgettext with Python support for .pot file creation, adjusted
developer documentation.
Type: feature
Changed: doc/install.txt, po/Makefile,
Removed: po/, po/
* Use plural gettext form for log messages.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/logger/{text,html}.py
* Check if FTP file really exists instead of only the parent dir.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Document the different logger output types.
Type: documentation
Changed: linkchecker, linkchecker.1
* Recursion into FTP directories and parseable files has been
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
1.13.4 "Shaun of the dead" (released 17.9.2004)
* Catch HTTP cookie errors and add a warning.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* fix up response page object in robots.txt parser for the upcoming
Python 2.4 release
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* remove cached urls from progress queue, fixing endless wait for
checking to finish
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* updated and synchronized documentation of the man page (linkchecker.1)
and the linkchecker --help output.
Type: documentation
Changed: linkchecker, linkchecker.1
1.13.3 "Fight Club" (released 10.9.2004)
* Prevent collapsing of relative parent dir paths. This fixes false
positives on URLs of the form "../../foo".
Closes: SF bug #1025459
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/tests/
1.13.2 "Zatoichi" (released 8.9.2004)
* Fix permissions of data files on install to be world readable.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1022132
* Fixed the SQL logger when encountering empty URLs.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1022156
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
* Added notes about access rules for CGI scripts
Type: documentation
Changed: doc/install.txt
* Updated french translation. Thanks, Yann Verley!
Type: feature
Changed: po/fr.po
* initialize i18n at program start
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/
* Make initialization function for i18n, and allow LOCPATH to override
the locale directory.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* Removed debug print statement when issueing linkchecker --help.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkchecker
* Reset to default ANSI color scheme, we don't know what background
color the terminal has.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1022158
Changed: linkcheck/
* Reinit the logger object when config files change values.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* Only import ifconfig routines on POSIX systems.
Type: bugfix
Closes: SF bug #1024607
Changed: linkcheck/dns/
1.13.1 "Old men in new cars" (released 3.9.2004)
* Fixed RPM generation by adding the generated config file to the
installed files list.
Type: bugfix
* Mention to remove old versions when upgrading in the documentation.
Type: documentation
Changed: doc/upgrading.txt, doc/install.txt
* Fix typo in redirection cache handling.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* The -F file output must honor verbose/quiet configuration.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Generate all translation files under windows systems.
Type: bugfix
Changed: po/Makefile
* Added windows binary installer script and configuration.
Type: feature
Changed:, setup.cfg, doc/install.txt
* Do not raise an error when user and/or password of ftp URLs is not
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* honor anchor part of cache url key, handle the recursion check
with an extra cache key
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/{urlbase,cache,fileurl}.py
* Support URL lists in text files with one URL per line. Empty lines
or comment lines starting with '#' are ignored.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* Added new option --extern-strict to specify strict extern url
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker
* Strip quotes from parsed CSS urls.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
1.13.0 "The Butterfly Effect" (released 1.9.2004)
* lots of internal code restructuring
Type: code cleanup
Changed: a lot
* If checking revealed errors (or warnings with --warnings),
the command line client exits with a non-zero exit status.
Type: feature
Closes: SF bug 1013191
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/checker/
* Specify the HTML doctype and charset in HTML output.
Type: feature
Closes: SF bug 1014283
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
* Fix endless loop on broken urls with non-empty anchor.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* For news: or nntp: urls, entries in ~/.netrc are now ignored.
You should give instead username/password info in the configuration
file or on the command line.
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* The HTML output shows now HTML and CSS validation links for
the parent URL of invalid links.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/logger/
* The status is now printed as default, it can be supressed with
the new --no-status option.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker
* The default recursion level is now infinite.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker
* The 'outside of domain filter' is no more a warning but an informational
message. A warning is inappropriate since the user is in full control
over what links are extern or intern.
Type: feature
Closes: SF bug 1013206
Changed: linkcheck/
* Renamed the --strict option to --extern-strict-all.
Type: feature
Changed: linkchecker
* a new cache and queueing algorithm makes sure that no URL is
checked twice.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/checker/
* the given user/password authententication is now also used to
get robots.txt files.
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/checker/
1.12.3 "The Princess Bride" (released 27.5.2004)
* fall back to GET on bad status line of a HEAD request
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* really fall back to GET with Zope servers; fixes infinite loop
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* better error msg on BadStatusLine error
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* updated optcomplete to newest upstream
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* also quote query parts of urls
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/{HttpUrlData, url}.py
* - preserve the order in which HTML attributes have been parsed
- cope with trailing space in HTML comments
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/parser/{,htmllex.l}
Added: linkcheck/
* rework anchor fallback
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
* move contentAllowsRobot check to end of recursion check to avoid
unnecessary GET request
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/
1.12.2 (release 4.4.2004)
* use XmlUtils instead of xmlify for XML quoting
Type: code cleanup
Added: linkcheck/
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/log/
* don't require a value anymore with the --version option
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkchecker
* before putting url data objects in the queue, check if they have
correct syntax and are not already cached
Type: optimization
Changed: linkcheck/{UrlData,Config}.py
* every once in a while, remove all already cached urls from the
incoming queue. This action is reported when --status is given.
Type: optimization
Changed: linkcheck/
* both changes above result in significant performance improvements
when checking large websites, since a majority of the links tend
to be navigation links to already-cached pages.
Type: note
* updated examples and put them before options in the man page for
easier reading
Type: documentation
Changed: linkchecker, linkchecker.1
* added contact url and email to the HTTP User-Agent string, which
gets us more accepted by some bot-blocking software; also see
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/
* only check robots.txt for http connections
Type: bugfix
Changed: linkcheck/{Http,}
Closes: SF bug 928895
* updated regression tests
Type: feature
Changed: test/test_*.py, Makefile
Added: test/
* preserve the order in which HTML attributes have been parsed
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/parser/{,htmllex.l}
* handle and correct missing start quotes in HTML attributes
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/parser/htmllex.l
* full parsing of .css files
Type: feature
Changed: linkcheck/{Http,}, linkcheck/
* removed Gilman news draft
Type: feature
Removed: draft-gilman-news-url-00.txt
1.12.1 (release 21.2.2004)
* raise IncompleteRead instead of ValueError on malformed chunked
HTTP data
Changed: linkcheck/
* catch errors earlier in recursion check
Changed: linkcheck/
* quote url and parent url in log output
Changed: linkcheck/log/*.py
Added: linkcheck/
1.12.0 (release 31.1.2004)
* added LRU.setdefault function
Changed: linkcheck/
Closes: SF bug 885916
* Added Mac OS X as supported platform (version 10.3 is known to work)
* HTML parser objects are now subclassable and collectable by the cyclic
garbage collector
Changed: linkcheck/parser/htmlparse.y
* made some minor parser fixes for attribute scanning and JavaScript
Changed: linkcheck/parser/htmllex.l
* include the optcomplete module for bash autocompletion
Added: linkcheck/, linkcheck-completion
* print out nicer error message for unknown host names
Changed: linkcheck/
* added new logger type "none" printing out nothing which is handy for
cron scripts.
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/, linkcheck/log/
Added: linkcheck/log/
* the -F file output option disables console output now
Changed: linkchecker
* added an example cron script
* only warn about missing anchor support servers when the url has
actually an anchor
Changed: linkcheck/
* always fall back to HTTP GET request when HEAD gave an error to
cope with servers not supporting HEAD requests
Changed: linkcheck/, FAQ
1.10.3 (release 10.1.2004)
* use the optparser module for command line parsing
Changed: linkchecker, po/*.po
* use Set() instead of hashmap
Changed: linkcheck/
* fix mime-type checking to allow parsing of .css stylesheets
Changed: linkcheck/
* honor HTML meta tags for robots, ie.
<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NOFOLLOW">
Changed: linkcheck/, linkcheck/
* much less aggressive thread acquiring, this fixes the 100% CPU
usage from the previous version
Changed: linkcheck/
1.10.2 (release 3.1.2004)
* fixed CGI safe_url pattern, it was too strict
Changed: linkcheck/
* replace backticks with repr() or %r
Changed: all .py files containing backticks, and po/*.po
* make windows DNS nameserver parsing more robust
Changed: linkcheck/DNS/
Closes: SF bugs 863227,864383
* only cache used data, not the whole url object
Changed: linkcheck/{Http,}
* limit cached data
Changed: linkcheck/{UrlData,Config}.py
Added: linkcheck/
Closes: SF bug 864516
* use dummy_threading module and get rid of the _NoThreads
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/{Config,Threader}.py,
* set default connection timeout to 60 seconds
Changed: linkcheck/
* new option --status print regular messages about number of
checked urls and urls still to check
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/{__init__,Config}.py
1.10.1 (release 19.12.2003)
* added Mandrake .spec file from Chris Green <>
Added: linkchecker.spec
* print last-modified date for http and https links in infos
Changed: linkcheck/
* add detailed installation instructions for Windows
Changed: INSTALL
Closes: SF bug 857748
* updated the DNS nameserver config parse routines
Changed: linkcheck/DNS/
Added: linkcheck/DNS/
Removed: linkcheck/DNS/
* fix https support test
Changed: linkcheck/
1.10.0 (released 7.12.2003)
* catch httplib errors in robotparser
Changed: linkcheck/
Closes: SF bug 836864
* - infinite recursion option with negative value works now
- initialize self.urlparts to avoid crash when reading cached http
- with --strict option do not add any automatic filters if the user
gave his own on the command line
Changed: linkcheck/
1.9.5 (released 31.10.2003)
* Add Zope to servers with broken HEAD support, adjusted the FAQ
Changed: linkcheck/, FAQ
Closes: SF bug 833419
* Disable psyco usage, it is causing infinite loops (this is a known
issue with psyco); and it is disabling ctrl-c interrupts (this
is also a known issue in psyco)
Changed: linkchecker
* use internal debug logger
Changed: linkcheck/
* do not hardcode Accept-Encoding header in HTTP request
Added: linkcheck/
Changed: linkcheck/
1.9.4 (released 22.10.2003)
* parse CSS stylesheet files and check included urls, for example
background images
Changed: linkcheck/{File,Http,Ftp,}, linkcheck/
* try to use psyco for the commandline linkchecker script
Changed: linkchecker
* when decompression of compressed HTML pages fails, assume the page
is not compressed
Changed: linkcheck/{robotparser2,HttpUrlData}.py
1.9.3 (released 16.10.2003)
* re-added an updated robot parser which uses urllib2 and can decode
compressed transfer encodings.
Added: linkcheck/
* more restrictive url validity checking when running in CGI mode
Changed: linkcheck/
* accept more Windows path specifications, like
Changed: linkcheck/
* parser fixes:
- do not #include <stdint.h>, fixes build on some FreeBSD, Windows
and Solaris/SunOS platforms
- ignore first leading invalid backslash in a=\"b\" attributes
Changed: linkcheck/parser/htmllex.{l,c}
* add full script path to linkchecker on windows systems
Changed: linkchecker.bat
* fix generation of Linkchecker_Readme.txt under windows systems
* add documentation how to change the default C compiler
Changed: INSTALL
* fixed blacklist logging
Changed: linkcheck/log/
* removed unused imports
Changed: linkcheck/*.py
* parser fixes:
- fixed parsing of end tags with trailing garbage
- fixed parsing of script single comment lines
Changed: linkcheck/parser/htmllex.l
* Require Python 2.3
- removed and, using upstream
- use True/False for boolean values
- use csv module
- use new-style classes
Closes: SF bug 784977
Changed: a lot
* update po makefiles and tools
Changed po/*
* start CGI output immediately
Changed: lc.cgi, lc.fcgi, lc.sz_fcgi, linkcheck/
Closes: SF bug 784331
* allow colons in HTML attribute names, used for namespaces
Changed: linkcheck/parser/htmllex.l
* fix match of intern patterns with --denyallow enabled
Changed: linkcheck/
* s/intern/internal/ and s/extern/external/ in the documentation
Changed: linkchecker, linkchecker.1, FAQ
* rename column "column" to "col" in SQL output, since "column" is
a reserved keyword. Thanks Garvin Hicking for the hint.
Changed: linkcheck/log/, create.sql
* handle HTTP redirects to a non-http url
Changed: linkcheck/{Http,}
Closes: SF bug 784372
* detect recursive redirections; the maximum of five redirections is
still there though
* after every HTTP 301 or 302 redirection, check the URL cache again
Closes: SF bug 776851
* put all HTTP 301 redirection answers also in the url cache as
aliases of the original url. this could mess up some redirection
warnings (ie warn about redirection when there is none), but it is
more network efficient.
* fix setting of domain in set_intern_url
Changed: linkcheck/
* - parse JS strings and comments
- accept "<!- " as comment begin
Changed: linkcheck/parser/htmlex.l
Closes: SF bug 768661
* quote url before submitting the request, the previous map() call
was useless. Thanks Toby Dickenson for the patch.
Changed: linkcheck/
Closes: SF bug 776416
* add scheme colon in set_intern_url
Changed: linkcheck/
* fix threading option -t
Changed: linkchecker, linkcheck/
* do not try to get content of urls that have no content (eg mail)
Closes: SF bug 765016
Changed: linkcheck/{Mailto,Nntp,Telnet,}
* added robots.txt FAQ, updated links
Removed: norobots-rfc.html
* add iso-8859-1 coding line to all .py files
Changed: *.py
* Correctly quote the HTML output
Changed: linkcheck/log/
* fix option error messages for invalid integer arguments
Changed files: linkchecker
* enable infinite recursion with a negative -r value
Changed files: linkcheck/{UrlData,Config}.py, linkchecker,
* if -s is given, add some link patterns to urls given on the
command line automatically:
for local files, add -i "^file:". For http and ftp urls, add
the domain name -i "<domain>".
Changed files: linkcheck/, linkchecker
* fix parsing of missing end tag in "</a <a b=c>"
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/htmllex.l
* fix entity resolving in parsed html links
Closes: SF bug #749543
Changed files: linkcheck/
* also look at id attributes on anchor check
(Closes SF Bug #741131)
Changed files: linkcheck/{linkparser,UrlData}.py
* minor parser cleanups
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/*
* Fix compile errors with C variable declarations in HTML parser.
Thanks to Fazal Majid <>
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/htmlparse.[yc]
* fix old bug in redirects not using the full url. This resulted in
errors like (-2, "Name or service not known")
Changed files: linkcheck/
Closes: SF Bug #729007
* only remove anchors on IIS servers (other servers are doing quite
well with anchors... can you spell A-p-a-c-h-e ?)
Changed files: linkcheck/{HttpUrlData, UrlData}.py
* Parser changes:
- correctly propagate and display parsing errors
- really cope with missing ">" end tags
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/html{lex.l, parse.y},
linkcheck/, linkcheck/
* quote urls before a request
Changed files: linkcheck/
* fix typo in manpage
Changed files: linkchecker.1
* remove anchor from HEAD and GET requests
Changed files: linkcheck/{HttpUrlData, UrlData}.py
* convert urlparts to list also on redirect
Changed files: linkcheck/
* catch httplib.error exceptions
Changed files: linkcheck/
* override interactive password question in
Changed files: linkcheck/
* switch to as default url connect.
Changed files: linkcheck/
* recompile html parser with flex 2.5.31
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/{htmllex.c,Makefile}
* new option --no-anchor-caching
Changed files: linkchecker, linkcheck/{,}, FAQ
* quote empty attribute arguments
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/htmllex.[lc]
* recompile with bison 1.875a
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/htmlparse.[ch]
* remove stpcpy declaration, fixes compile error on RedHat 7.x
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/htmlsax.h
* clarify keyboard interrupt warning to wait for active connections
to finish
Changed files: linkcheck/
* resolve &#XXX; number entity references
Changed files: linkcheck/{,}
* All amazon servers block HEAD requests with timeouts. Use GET as
a workaround, but issue a warning.
Changed files: linkcheck/
* restrict CGI access to localhost per default
Changed files: lc.cgi, lc.fcgi, lc.sz_fcgi, linkcheck/
* #define YY_NO_UNISTD_H on Windows systems, fixes build error with
Visual Studio compiler
Changed files:
* use python2.2 headers for parser compile, not 2.1.
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/Makefile
* include a fixed (from Python 2.2 CVS maint branch)
* fix config.warn to warn
Changed files: linkcheck/
* parser changes:
o recognise "<! -- -->" HTML comments (seen at Eonline)
o recognise "<! !>" HTML comments (seen at
o rebuild with flex 2.5.27
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/htmllex.[lc]
* added another url exclusion example to the FAQ
numerate questions and answers
Changed files: FAQ
* fix linkchecker exceptions
Changed files: linkcheck/{Ftp,Mailto,Nntp,Telnet,},
* Improve error message for failing htmlsax module import
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/
* Regenerate parser with new bison 1.875
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/htmlparser.c
* Some CVS files were not the same as their local counterpart.
Something went wrong. Anyway, I re-committed them.
Changed files: a lot .py files
* add missing imports for StringUtil in log classes, defer i18n of log
field names (used for CGI scripts)
Changed files: linkcheck/log/*.py
* fixed wrong debug level comparison from > to >=
Changed files: linkcheck/
* JavaScript checks in the CGI scripts
Changed files: lconline/lc_cgi.html.*
Added files: lconline/check.js
* Updated documentation with a link restriction example
Changed files: linkchecker, linkchecker.1, FAQ
* Updated po/ to version 1.5, cleaned up some gettext
* updated i18n
Added files: linkcheck/
Changed files: all .py files using i18n
* Recognise "<! --" HTML comments
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/htmllex.l
* -a anchor option implies -w because anchor errors are always warnings
Changed files: linkchecker
* added and to split out some functions
Changed files: a lot .py files using these things
* use yy_size_t for parser alloc definitions, fixes build errors on 64bit
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/htmllex.l
* - ignore invalid html attribute characters
- ignore trailing garbage on html end tags
- fixed debugging code with flex
- use flex memory management interface
- use only double quotes for attribute quoting
- check quoting of all attributes
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/htmllex.l
* build parser with flex 2.5.25
Changed files: linkcheck/parser/{Makefile, htmllex.c}
* put shared code of cgi scripts in
Changed files: lc.cgi, lc.fcgi, lc.sz_fcgi, linkcheck/
* put some linebreaks and target="top" into HTML output
Changed files: linkcheck/logging/
* add translated cgi files
Changed files:,, debian/rules
Added files: lconline/*.{de,en}
Removed files: lconline/{leer.html,lc_cgi.html}
* Add missing () to function call in proxy handling code
Changed files:
* Use urlparse.url(un)split instead of urlparse.url(un)parse
Changed files:,,,
* Print size information if its available
Changed files:,,
* Add --warning-size-bytes option to print warning if content size
exceeds the given byte limit
Changed files:,, linkchecker,,
* Updated translations
Changed files: po/linkchecker.pot, po/*.po
* Parse supported file types for ftp links
Changed files:,,
* Require Python >= 2.2.1, remove httplib.
Changed files:, INSTALL, linkchecker
* Add again python-dns, the Debian package maintainer is unresponsive
Added files: linkcheck/DNS/*.py
Changed files: INSTALL,
* You must now use named constants for ANSII color codes
Changed files: linkcheckerrc, linkcheck/log/
* Release RedHat 8.0 rpm packages.
Changed files:,
* remove --robots-txt from manpage, fix HTZP->HTTP typo
Changed files: linkchecker.1
* Fix memory leak in HTML parser flushing error path
Changed files: htmlparse.y
* add custom line and column tracking in parser
Changed files: htmllex.l, htmlparse.y, htmlsax.h,
* Use column tracking in urldata classes
Changed files:, FileUrlData,py,,
* Use column tracking in logger classes
Changed files:,,,
* Added new HTML parser written in C as a Python extension module.
It is faster and it is more fault tolerant.
Of course, this means I cannot provide .exe installers any more
since the distutils dont provide cross-compilation.
* Removed check for <applet> tags codebase attribute, but honor it
when checking applet links
* Handle <applet> tags archive attribute as a comma separated list
Closes: SF bug #636802
* Fix a nasty bug in tag searching, which ignored tags with more
than one link attribute in it.
* Fix concatenation with relative base urls by first joining the
parent url.
* New commandline option --profile to write profile data.
* Add from Python CVS 2.1 maintenance branch, which has the
skip_host keyword argument I am using now.
* Use the new HTTPConnection/HTTPResponse interface of httplib
Closes: SF bug #634679
Changed files: linkcheck/, linkcheck/
* Updated the ftp online test
Changed files: test/output/test_ftp
* Catch the maximum recursion limit error while parsing links and
print an error message instead of bailing out.
Changed files: linkcheck/
* Fixed Ctrl-C only interrupting one single thread, not the whole
Changed files: linkcheck/, linkcheck/
* HTML syntax cleanup and relative cgi form url for the cgi scripts
Changed files: lconline/*.html
* Support for ftp proxies
Changed files: linkcheck/, linkcheck/
Added files: linkcheck/
* Updated german translation
* Generate md5sum checksums for distributed files
Changed files: Makefile
* use "startswith" string method instead of a regex
Changed files: linkchecker, linkcheck/
* Add a note about supported languages, updated the documentation.
Changed files: README, linkchecker, FAQ
* Remove --robots-txt option from documentation, it is per default
enabled and you cannot disable it from the command line.
Changed files: linkchecker, po/*.po
* fix --extern argument creation
Changed files: linkchecker, linkcheck/
* Print help if PyDNS module is not installed
Changed files: linkcheck/
* Print information if a proxy was used.
Changed files: linkcheck/
* Updated german documentation
Changed files: po/de.po
* Oops, an FTP proxy is not used. Will make it in the next release.
Changed files: linkcheck/
* Default socket timeout is now 30 seconds (10 was too short)
* Warn about unknown Content-Encodings. Dont parse HTML in this case.
* Support deflate content encoding (snatched from Debians reportbug)
* Add appropriate Accept-Encoding header to HTTP request.
* Updated german translations
* remove searching for links in text files, this is
error prone. Just handle *.html and Opera Bookmarks.
* Make separate ChangeLog from debian/changelog. For previous
changes, see debian/changelog.
* Default socket timeout is now 10 seconds
* updated linkcheck/ to newest version
* updated README and INSTALL
* s/User-agent/User-Agent/, use same case as other browsers
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