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Question 1. When I try to install from source I get the following error: wrong parameters to Project(), minimum project name and one language is required. How do I solve this?

Answer: Your version of Meson is too old. Try to install the latest one from the Python Package Index. See the official instructions for getting meson for more information.

Question 2. In PulseEffects versions older than 3.1.0 when I run the program and turn on the equalizer there are no level sliders shown, only one long horizontal slider with an ON/OFF switch.

Answer: You have Applications highlighted on the left of the screen and therefore have the volume control for the current running audio application and it's ON/OFF switch shown.
To show for example the Equalizer controls, you must click on the WORD Equalizer on the left.

Question 3. I have no sound in KDE although I can see the spectrum and the level meters changing.

Answer: KDE needs PulseAudio's module module-device-manager that conflicted with PulseEffects in the past. See #99. This issue has been fixed in PulseAudio version 12 but if you are using an older version you will have to unload this module before running PulseEffects: pactl unload-module module-device-manager.

Question 4. I do not use KDE but I also have no sound.

Answer: Unload the module module-switch-on-connect. See #99 to know why. This issue has been fixed in PulseAudio version 12 but if you are using an older version you will have to unload this module before running PulseEffects: pactl unload-module module-switch-on-connect.

Question 5. PulseEffects suddenly became the default output device.

Answer: Unload the module module-switch-on-connect or switch manually in pavucontrol or use PulseAudio ⩾ 12, where this bug is fixed. If you are using Ubuntu, PulseAudio 12 in the PulseEffects PPA.

Question 6. I have Lilv and Calf Studio installed but the Bass Enhancer and the Exciter do not work.

Answer: Delete the folder ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0. Note: this should be fixed in Gstreamer 1.13.1

Question 7. Dark app theme doesn't work on KDE.

Answer: Go to System Settings -> Application Style -> Gnome Application Style (GTK). Check the GTK themes to your theme of choice, PulseEffects will follow the theme you set here. Then reboot and open PulseEffects, it should match that theme. However, if you do not wish to have a dark theme as a global default for GTK, you can alternatively use a light theme that comes with a dark pair (e.g. Breeze and its pair Breeze Dark). This will enable PulseEffects to toggle the dark mode on.

Question 8. Whenever PulseEffects alternates between the playing and the paused state there is a memory leak.

Answer: This is a bug in the Calf Limiter. It was fixed in Calf 0.90.1

Question 9. I can not enable effects for applications when using Deepin.

Answer: Try to disable audio from dconf (com.deepin.dde.daemon) and restart Deepin. See #240

Question 10 - I don't want to use the CSD (Client Side Decoration) that comes with PulseEffects.

Answer: You can install or compile gtk3-nocsd. You will still have the issue of having two windows titles so to solve this you can add headerbar .title {color: transparent;} into ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css.

Question 11 - I'm fine with CSD, but I'd like to get shadow or border around PulseEffects window in Plasma Desktop.

Answer: It's not possible to show a shadow for GTK CSD apps in Plasma Desktop, but you can draw a border adding decoration {border: 1px solid black;} into ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css. You can also increase border size changing pixel value and use a custom color replacing black with another CSS color name.

Question 12 - After an upgrade PulseEffects stopped working. It crashes in the startup with a segfault.

Answer: This could be caused by a configuration problem. It is not clear yet why this is happening to some users after an upgrade. The command dconf reset -f /com/github/wwmm/pulseeffects/ will reset PulseEffects configurations and may fix this.

Question 13 - After turning on effects for an application my master volume is set to 100 %.

Answer: Take a look at the output of the command pulseaudio --dump-conf and see if you have the option flat-volumes set to yes instead of no. For more information take a look at #346.

Question 14 - Segmentation fault after upgrading PulseAudio on Ubuntu.

Answer: It seems that upgrading from PulseAudio 11 to 12 does not correctly replace the binary or does not update the libpath (see here for more details). If this problem affects you first remove the binary with sudo rm /usr/bin/pulseaudio then force a reinstall with sudo apt install --reinstall pulseaudio. After that reboot the system and pulseeffects should launch.

Question 15 - PulseEffects is available in my language, but I see it in English. Where do I can switch language?

Answer: You are probably using PulseEffects under Plasma 5 desktop environment. Sometimes Plasma makes a little mess with locale settings. Just delete ~/.config/ and restart the session.

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