✖ An xUnit.net extension for describing your tests using natural language.
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xBehave.net is a .NET package available in full or minimal form, which extends xUnit.net by splitting tests into distinct steps, each decorated with natural language.

Platform support: .NET Standard 1.1 and upwards.


The full Xbehave package depends on the xunit package. That means you get the full suite of xUnit.net dependencies such as xunit.assert and xunit.analyzers.

The minimal Xbehave.Core package depends on the xunit.core package. That means you get only the minimum dependencies required to write and execute xBehave.net scenarios.


xBehave.net follows the versioning scheme of xUnit.net. xUnit.net and xBehave.net do not follow SemVer and may introduce breaking changes in minor versions. Each minor version of xBehave.net is linked to the equivalent minor version of xUnit.net. xBehave.net patch versions within a minor version are independent of patch versions of xUnit.net within that minor version. For example, xBehave.net 2.3.x is linked to xUnit.net 2.3.x, but each package may have a different number of patch versions within the 2.3.x range.

A given xBehave.net patch version may introduce new features, fix bugs, or both.

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