An extension for describing your tests using natural language
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Where can I get it? is available as a NuGet package. For update notifications, follow @xbehavenet. CI builds are available at AppVeyor. To build manually, clone or fork this repository and see 'How to build'.

Can I help to improve it and/or fix bugs?

Absolutely! Please feel free to raise issues, fork the source code, send pull requests, etc. No pull request is too small. Even trivial white space fixes are appreciated. For more details see

How to build

The only prerequisites you need are .NET CLI and .NET Framework 4.5.

Navigate to your clone root folder and execute dotnet restore followed by build.cmd.

build.cmd executes the default build targets which include compilation, test execution and packaging. After the build has completed, the build artifacts will be located in artifacts/.

For full usage details for build.cmd, execute build.cmd -?. See simple-targets-csx for more info.

You can also build the solution using Visual Studio 2015 or later. At the time of writing the build is only confirmed to work on Windows.

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