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Jailbreak Kernel Patches


  • Jailbreak
  • Sandbox escape
  • Debug settings
  • Enable UART
  • RPC server
  • RPC client in C#

I use the standard fake pkg keys, created by flatz.

General Notes

Only for 5.05 Jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles!

The main jkpatch payload utilizes a port of CTurt's payload sdk. Change the Makefile to have LIBPS4 point to the ps4-payload-sdk directory on your machine. I could have it referenced from the home directory but meh...

# change this to point to your ps4-payload-sdk directory
LIBPS4	:=	/home/John/ps4-payload-sdk/libPS4

If you decide to edit the resolve code in the kernel payload, make sure you do not mess with...

void resolve(uint64_t kernbase);

... as it is called from crt0.s. And changing this will produce errors.

See other branches for other kernel support. I will support latest publically exploited firmware on main branch.

RPC Quickstart

See either Example.cs or look at the RPC documentation.

You can read/write memory, call functions, read/write kernel memory, and even load elfs.

Here is a cool example of an elf loaded into COD Ghosts (forge mod made by me!) You can download the source code to the forge mod here. Have fun!

Thank you to ChendoChap, idc, zecoxao, hitodama,, and anyone else I forgot!

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Twitter: @cloverleafswag3 psxhax: g991

golden <3