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The following people contributed to xhtml2pdf in some fashion

Main developers

  • Dirk Holtwick (Main developer, no longer active)
  • Christopher Glass <> (Current maintainer)


In no particular order. Names are taken from git logs, please contact the maintainer should theses names be changed to something more relevant.

  • Kenji Noguschi
  • Pascal Bach
  • peipei
  • Vehbi Sinan Tunalioglu
  • Nathan Duthoit
  • Alan Justino
  • David Tran
  • Orestis Markou
  • Yang Bo
  • David Szotten
  • Jim Thaxton
  • Philippe Raoult
  • Stefan Foulis
  • Ethan Jucovy
  • Marcus Weseloh
  • Jacob Richardson
  • Krzysztof Grodzicki
  • Ted Liang
  • fsx999
  • Andrea Bravetti
  • Dale O'Brien
  • Bertrand Bordage
  • "tomscytale"
  • Nick Pack
  • Jeff Tchang
  • Andreas Stocker
  • Dylan Jay
  • mthornhill
  • Andrea Bravetti
  • Stéphane Bisinger
  • Ling Thio
  • Edwar Baron

Special thanks

Dirk Holtwick, for opening the source to such a cool library :) Thanks! Marcus Weseloh, for such a badass functional test suite.

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