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Creates a word search puzzle with any words!
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Word Search Creator

Creates a word search puzzle with any words!

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Word Search Creator provides several Python programs that allow you to create word search puzzles with any given words and a title. There is a command line interface, as well a Python function to generate word searches.

There are three files in the repo for creating word searches:

  • — contains several Python functions for generating word searches
  • — utilizes functions contained in to create a Python user-interface for creating word searches
  •, although it is a single file and includes the dependency within it's own file

Using Word Search Creator

If you'd just like to generate word searches, simply type the following two commands into your command line:

$ curl -o
$ python

If instead you are a developer and you'd like to use the functions that and other files in this repo contain, simply clone or download this repo with the following command:

$ git clone

Credits and License

Word search creator was written by Fred Adams. It is licensed under the MIT License. For more information, see LICENSE.txt.

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