This is an application for LoL, which can find an indicated summoner's recent mastery page of a specific champion.
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Mastery Brain

This application aimed to help users learn how to set up their mastery page from other players (e.g. professional players).

It's now available online here: Mastery Brain.


Simply type the player's summoner name, select the champion and region to search.

Note: It may take a while to find the result, please be patient.

Further Work

  • Analysis which mastery is best for one champion versus another.

For Developers

In order to use your own API in this application, you need to create a file called in the same folder as, and in simply set your API as API_KEY = 'yourAPIString'.

Bug Report

If you find any bug, please start an issue here or send me an email via xukai921110 (at)