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from verwatch.fetch import VersionFetcher
from verwatch.util import run, parse_nvr
import hashlib
class RepoqueryFetcher(VersionFetcher):
name = 'repoquery'
# Sometimes, e.g. in multiarch repos you can have dupes (a build
# for each arch). squash_dupes can be used to squash them to one
squash_dupes = None
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
VersionFetcher.__init__(self, **kwargs)
if 'options' not in kwargs:
raise ValueError("options argument not supplied to repoquery "
"fetcher. 'repo_base' option is required.")
if 'paths' not in kwargs:
raise ValueError("paths argument not supplied to repoquery "
options = kwargs['options']
if not options or 'repo_base' not in options:
raise ValueError("'repo_base' option not supplied to repoquery "
self.paths = kwargs['paths']
self.repo_base = options['repo_base']
self.squash_dupes = options.get("squash_dupes", self.squash_dupes)
def _get_version(self, pkg_name, branch):
hsh = hashlib.md5()
repoid = "verw_%s" % hsh.hexdigest()
ver = {}
cmd = ("repoquery "
"--nvr "
"--repofrompath=%(repoid)s,%(repo_base)s/%(branch)s/ "
"--repoid=%(repoid)s -q %(pkg_name)s" % {
'repo_base': self.repo_base,
'branch': branch,
'pkg_name': pkg_name,
'repoid': repoid})
ver['cmd'] = cmd
errc, out, err = run(cmd)
if errc:
ver['error'] = err or out
return ver
if not out:
ver['error'] = "No version found."
return ver
lines = out.strip().split("\n")
if self.squash_dupes:
lines = list(set(lines))
if len(lines) > 1:
# TODO: Select best version.
msg = ("Got more than 1 version using repoquery... FIXME!: %s"
% lines)
raise NotImplementedError(msg)
nvr = parse_nvr(lines[0], pkg_name)
return ver