End user oriented web performance testing and beaconing
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Copyright (c) 2011, Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. Copyrights licensed under the BSD License. See the accompanying LICENSE.txt file for terms.

boomerang always comes back, except when it hits something.

This piece of javascript measures a whole bunch of performance characteristics of your user's web browsing experience. All you have to do is stick it into your web pages and call the init() method.

documentation is in the docs/ directory, it's all HTML, so your best bet is to check it out and view it locally, though it works best through a web server (you'll need cookies).

An online version of the docs is here: http://lognormal.github.com/boomerang/doc/

The latest code and docs is available on http://github.com/lognormal/boomerang/

Discussions are best done using github issues at https://github.com/lognormal/boomerang/issues You'll need a github account to participate.