An experimental cooperative keyserver based on ideas from dename.
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This repository contains a WORK-IN-PROGRESS implementation of an EXPERIMENTAL cooperative keyserver design based on ideas from dename (readme, code, talk) and CONIKS (paper, code). NO STABILITY is offered: things that are very likely going to change include the network protocol, the implementation, the internal interfaces, the import path, and the name. Sometime in the future this implementation might reach feature (and performance) parity with dename, along with a CONIKS-like username privacy layer and high-availability curated namespaces.


You need a Golang development environment, a protocol buffer schema parser (protoc) that understands protobuf3 , Go protobuf3 libraries, the gogoprotobuf code generation tool and grpc for Go. On Arch Linux this comes down to pacman -S go, aura -Ak protobuf3, go get


As this project includes code (from dename) that I wrote and released as open source when I was employed by Google, here is a little disclaimer that I was asked to attach to the code: This is not a Google project.