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How to Contribute to Pure

Feel free to open issues and send pull requests on GitHub! When sending a pull request, please create a new topic/feature branch, and send your pull request from that branch. Please do not send pull requests from your master branch because this tends to lead to merge conflicts.

In order for us to to merge your pull requests, we need you to review and sign our Contributor License Agreement. The CLA protects you and your contributions along with all other developers who use Pure.

Docs and Website

Pure's website is also open source, so please open any issues or pull requests for the docs and website over at the pure-site repository.

Building and Testing Pure

Pure uses Grunt, a JavaScript task runner that runs on Node.js, for building and testing. You'll need Node.js and Grunt installed to work on Pure. Once installed, clone the pure repo (either the main repo or your fork) and install Pure's gruntplugins via npm:

$ git clone git://
$ cd pure/
$ npm install

Building Pure is easy, run grunt:

$ grunt

Pure uses CSSLint for basic testing to make sure we're shipping valid CSS which complies with standard best practices. To run Pure's tests, run grunt test:

$ grunt test

Note: To save your fingers from The Developer Konami Code: ⌘⇥ ↑ ⏎ run the grunt watch task with will continuously test and build Pure anytime a CSS file changes:

$ grunt watch

Browser Support and Testing

Pure is tested and works in:

  • IE 8+
  • Latest Stable: Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • iOS 6-8
  • Android 4.x

Before sending pull requests, please ensure that you open the test HTML files in these environments. If you don't have access to all these environments, list the ones that you have tested in on the pull request description. That way, we know what's missing, and can help you out.

Coding Standards and Style Guide

Pure has adopted the SMACSS conventions for writing CSS. If you are new to SMACSS, you should give it a read, especially the section on module rules.

The Extend section of the Pure website more info about the style guide and naming conventions, along with examples of how to extend the library.

Contributor License Agreement

Please sign the Yahoo CLA after sending pull requests. We can't merge your pull requests unless you have a signed CLA.

The CLA ensures that everyone who submits a work of authorship to Pure is contributing work that is their own or for which they can authoritatively speak. This protects the all of of developers who use Pure in their daily work, all of whom rely on Pure's BSD license to appropriately cover their use of the library.

The CLA does not transfer title or copyright of your contributed work to Yahoo!. It merely guarantees that you approve the use of your work within Pure and by those who use the library under the terms of its license.

If you want to make contributions (software, documentation or other material) to the Pure Project and such contributions could be covered under intellectual property laws, you must submit a Contributor License Agreement (CLA) prior to making your contribution:

  1. Review Pure's BSD license. All of Pure's code is issued under this license, and contributions you make to the library will be subject to this license. Note: that the BSD license is very liberal; it allows for reuse and adaptation in commercial projects.

  2. Sign the Yahoo CLA online. If you have questions about the CLA, you can address them to