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Codes for paper "LCF: A Local Context Focus Mechanism for Aspect-Based Sentiment Classification"
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code for paper LCF: A Local Context Focus Mechanism for Aspect-Based Sentiment Classification.

This is the up-to-date version which transferred pytorch-pretrained-bert to pytorch-transformers, and an earlier version of LCF-BERT models can be found at ABSA-PyTorch

Pytorch Implementations.


Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis (ABSA/ABSC).


  • python 3.7
  • pytorch >=1.0
  • Pytorch-transformers
  • To unleash the performance of LCF-BERT models, a GTX 1080Ti or other GPU equipped with a large memory is required.
  • In fact, the memory consumption of this model can be significantly optimized in several ways (minize to 6GB of RAM).


  • SemEval-2014 (Restaurant and Laptop datasets)
  • ACL twitter dataset


Train the model with cmd

python --model lcf_bert --dataset laptop --SRD 3 --local_context_focus cdm --use_single_bert

or try to train in batches

python --config experiments.json

Try to set 'batch_size=8', 'max_seq_len = 40' or 'use_single_bert = True' while out-of-memory error occurs.

Performance of LCF design models

The performance based on the pytorch pre-trained model of bert-base-uncased.

Models Restaurant (acc) Laptop (acc) Twitter(acc)
LCF-Glove-CDM 82.50 76.02 72.25
LCF-Glove-CDW 81.61 75.24 71.82
LCF-BERT-CDM 86.52 82.29 76.45
LCF-BERT-CDW 87.14 82.45 77.31

For Better Performance

This repository can achieve superior performance with BERT-ADA pre-trained models. Learn to train the domain adapted BERT pretrained models from domain-adapted-atsc, and place the pre-trained models in bert_pretrained_models. The results in the following table are the best of five training processes (random seed 0, 1, 2, 3, 4), Refer to the training log to reproduce the results. Try to set other random seeds to explore different results.

Models Restaurant (acc) Laptop (acc) Twitter(acc)
LCF-BERT-CDM 89.11 82.92 77.89
LCF-BERT-CDW 89.38 82.76 77.17
LCF-BERT-Fusion 88.95 82.45 77.75

The state-of-the-art benchmarks of the ABSA task can be found at NLP-progress (See Section of SemEval-2014 subtask4)


Our work is based on the repositories of ABSA-PyTorch and the Pytorch-transformers. Thanks to the authors for their devotion and Thanks to everyone who offered assistance. Feel free to report any bug or discussing with us.


If this repository is helpful to you, please cite our paper:

    title={LCF: A Local Context Focus Mechanism for Aspect-Based Sentiment Classification},
    author={Zeng, Biqing and Yang, Heng and Xu, Ruyang and Zhou, Wu and Han, Xuli},
    journal={Applied Sciences},
    publisher={Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute}


Adapt or Get Left Behind: Domain Adaptation through BERT Language Model Finetuning for Aspect-Target Sentiment Classification

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