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网站模板来自 Codinfox-Lanyon,并在其基础上做了少量修改。下面是 Codinfox-Lanyon 具体介绍:


This is a jekyll template based on Lanyon. See a live demo here.

If you like this project, PLEASE give it a star.

Lanyon is an unassuming Jekyll theme that places content first by tucking away navigation in a hidden drawer. It's based on Poole, the Jekyll butler.

All the configurations are inside either _config.yml or _config.scss. The options are fairly straightforward.

The theme supports:

  1. Theme colors: you can choose your favorite theme color
  2. Changable sidebar locations
  3. Integration of FontAwesome, MathJax, Disqus and Google Analytics
  4. and numerous improvements over original Lanyon


Open sourced under the MIT license.


升级到 Jekyll 4.0.0

  • 安装 ruby 2.7.0 (通过 rbenv)
  • bundle exec jekyll serve
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