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AutoSDF: Shape Priors for 3D Completion, Reconstruction and Generation

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Code release for the CVPR 2022 paper "AutoSDF: Shape Priors for 3D Completion, Reconstruction and Generation".



Please install pytorch and pytorch3d. Or you can setup the environment using conda:

conda env create -f autosdf.yaml
conda activate autosdf

However, the environments varies by each machine. We tested the code on Ubuntu 20.04, cuda=11.3, python=3.8.11, pytorch=1.9.0, pytorch3d=0.5.0.


We provide a jupyter notebook for demo. First download the pretrained weights from this link, and put them under saved_ckpt. Then start the notebook server with

jupyter notebook

And run:

  • demo_shape_comp.ipynb for shape completion
  • demo_single_view_recon.ipynb for single-view reconstruction
  • demo-lang-conditional.ipynb for language-guided generation

Preparing the Data

  1. ShapeNet

First you need to download the ShapeNetCore.v1 following the instruction of Put them under data/ShapeNet. Then unzip the downloaded zip file. We assume the path to the unzipped folder is data/ShapeNet/ShapeNetCore.v1. To extract SDF values, we followed the preprocessing steps from DISN.

  1. Pix3D

The Pix3D dataset can be downloaded here:


  1. First train the P-VQ-VAE on ShapeNet:
  1. Then extract the code for each sample of ShapeNet (caching them for training the transformer):
  1. Train the random-order-transformer to learn the shape prior:
  1. To train the image marginal on Pix3D, first extract the code for each training data of Pix3D
  1. Train the image marginal on Pix3D

Issues and FAQ

1. Regarding mcubes functions

We originally use the implementation of the marching cubes from this repo: However, some of the dependencies seems to be outdated and makes the installation troublesome. Currently the quick workaround is installing mcubes from

pip install PyMCubes

and replace all the lines import marching_cubes as mcubes in our code with import mcubes.

Citing AutoSDF

If you find this code helpful, please consider citing:

  title={{AutoSDF}: Shape Priors for 3D Completion, Reconstruction and Generation},
  author={Mittal, Paritosh and Cheng, Yen-Chi and Singh, Maneesh and Tulsiani, Shubham},


This code borrowed heavily from Cycle-GAN, VQ-GAN. Thanks for the efforts for making their code available!


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