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Documentation request #1259

addyosmani opened this Issue · 11 comments

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  • New doc: How to deal with common errors while installing Yeoman and its generators.
  • New doc: Edge cases in which Yeoman may or may not work.
  • Generator docs: capture new API methods, features in the last 3 releases
  • Generator docs: make sure Adapter docs are included on site
  • Generator docs: improve contributing documentation
  • Yo docs: update to include yo doctor
  • Yo docs: update to show latest output from yo
  • Homepage: move the community generators link somewhere central/more visible
  • Homepage: split out videos into their own page
  • Homepage: reduce text, make it friendly for beginners
  • Homepage: add logos/text for who is using us
  • Sidebar: remove link to roadmap or replace with links to issues
  • Sidebar: consider linking articles to a Google search
  • README based pages for official generators on the site
  • Remove outdated content in wiki pages visible on site
  • "Get involved" doc: Should explain how the different pieces fit together and all the ways it's possible to contribute, even non-code.
  • Improved generator docs: yeoman/generator#456
  • yeoman/yeoman readme should better point to the various pieces that make the project up.

Edge cases in which Yeoman may or may not work.

Any reference or summary of what?


I think we should also works on core parts (yeoman/generator and yeoman/yo) readme. Some should give more insight to the content of the repo and its place in the global architecture rather than being a yeoman general "introduction"


@SBoudrias I wouldn't mind working on some of that. Also think the yeoman/yeoman readme should better point to the various pieces that make the project up.


@addyosmani Yes, I agree!

Also, I feel the website still leave lots of pieces from the old yeoman prompt. It should be made very clear yo is a scaffolding tools using community written generators with different implementation.

Maybe we should clearly separate two sections: "Using Yeoman" and "Writing a generator", right now both concerns are a bit divided between the "Getting Started" and "Generators" section.


One is targeted at consumers and another generator authors. Makes sense.

@addyosmani addyosmani referenced this issue

Docs for 1.0 #829

8 of 14 tasks complete

I'm not clear on where documentation is supposed to go for the various parts of the Yeoman universe...

Is the yeoman/yeoman wiki supposed to be a central place for all Yeoman-related stuff? Including how to use yo, how to write generators, and even docs relating specifically to generator-webapp and other yeoman/generator-* projects?

@SBoudrias SBoudrias referenced this issue in yeoman/generator

[Composability] Generators composability #345


It would be nice to get some cookbooks for common task and present common tools that can be used to achieve them. (Cheerio, AST-Query, JsBeautifier, JS2Coffee, ESFormatter, etc, etc, etc)

@sindresorhus sindresorhus changed the title from Documentation Sprint (January) to Documentation request

I think we've covered most of this by now, especially in the redesign. If there's something still missing open separate tickets on the appropriate issue trackers.

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