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support for R in LyX (Sweave and knitr, ...)
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Support Files for Using R in LyX

This repository provides some (unofficial) support files for using R with LyX.

The scripts directory

  • lyxknitr.R is for the knitr package (it has already been included in official LyX, so you do not actually need it)

The examples directory

Aside from the official manual of Sweave in LyX, which is an example file itself, I have a few other examples demonstrating how to use Sweave with beamer in LyX, and how to use knitr.

Other files

  • add-R-path-win.R is a dirty R script to help Windows users who are reluctant to learn what is the PATH variable add the bin path of R to the PATH variable of the system (use with care; I have no guarantee).


Usually I do not put binary files under version control (in GIT), so I upload them separately at

Contributions? Comments?

I'd love to include more contributions from LyX/Sweave users; please feel free to email me or open an issue here if you have any requests, comments or questions.

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