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000 - Packages

Since version 3.0 Yii is divided into several packages following these agreements:

  • Yii Framework and Extensions:
    • depend on Yii (yii-core)
    • named yiisoft/yii-something or more specific: yii-type-something e.g.:
      • application bases: yii-base-web, yii-base-api
      • modules: yii-module-users, yii-module-pages
      • themes: yii-theme-adminlte, yii-theme-hyde
      • widgets: yii-widget-datepicker
      • and so on
    • titled as "Yii Framework ... Extension"
  • Yii Libraries:
    • do not depend on Yii (yii-core)
    • can be used outside of Yii Framework
    • named as yiisoft/something without yii-prefix
    • titled as "Yii ... Library"

For all Yii packages GitHub repository name exactly matches Packagist package name.

Yii Framework


Package Title Status
yiisoft/yii-core Yii Framework Core Build Status
yiisoft/yii-console Yii Framework Console Extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-web Yii Framework Web Extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-rest Yii Framework REST Extension Build Status

Yii project template and application bases

Package Title Status
yiisoft/yii-project-template Yii Framework Project Template Build Status
yiisoft/yii-base-web Yii Framework Web Application Base Build Status
yiisoft/yii-base-api Yii Framework API Application Base Build Status
yiisoft/yii-base-cli Yii Framework CLI Application Base Build Status

Widgets and wrappers

Package Title Status
yiisoft/yii-bootstrap3 Yii Framework Bootstrap3 Extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-bootstrap4 Yii Framework Bootstrap4 Extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-dataview Yii Framework Data Displaying Extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-masked-input Yii Framework Masked Input Widget Extension Build Status


Package Title Status
yiisoft/yii-debug Yii Framework Debug Panel Extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-gii Yii Framework Code Generator Extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-dev Yii framework contributor toolset Build Status


Package Title Status
yiisoft/yii-jquery Yii Framework jQuery Extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-captcha Yii Framework CAPTCHA Extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-swiftmailer Yii Framework Swift Mailer Extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-twig Yii Framework Twig Extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-http-client Yii Framework HTTP client extension Build Status
yiisoft/yii-auth-client Yii Framework External Authentication Extension Build Status

Yii Libraries

Package Title Description Status
yiisoft/log Yii Logging Library PSR-3 compatible logger Build Status
yiisoft/di Yii Dependency Injection Library PSR-11 compatible DI container and injector Build Status
yiisoft/cache Yii Caching Library PSR-16 compatible cache Build Status
yiisoft/db Yii Database Abstraction Library Build Status
yiisoft/active-record Yii Active Record Library Build Status
yiisoft/rbac Yii Role-Based Access Control Library Build Status
yiisoft/view Yii View Rendering Library Build Status
yiisoft/mutex Yii Mutex Library Framework-independent mutex lock implementation Build Status

DB drivers

Package Description Status
yiisoft/db-mysql MySQL support for Yii Build Status
yiisoft/db-mssql MSSQL support for Yii Build Status
yiisoft/db-pgsql PostgreSQL support for Yii Build Status
yiisoft/db-sqlite SQLite support for Yii Build Status
yiisoft/db-oracle Oracle Database support for Yii Build Status

NoSQL DB drivers

Package Title Description Status
yiisoft/db-sphinx Yii Framework Sphinx Extension Build Status
yiisoft/db-redis Yii Framework Redis Extension Cache, Session and ActiveRecord Build Status
yiisoft/db-mongodb Yii Framework MongoDB Extension Build Status
yiisoft/db-elasticsearch Yii Framework ElasticSearch Extension Query and ActiveRecord Build Status