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000 - Packages

Since Yii 3 framework is divided into several packages with the following agreements.

For all packages GitHub repository name exactly matches Packagist package name.

For a full list of packages and their build statuses see status page at

Yii-specific packages (Yii Framework and Extensions)

  • named yiisoft/yii-something or more specific: yii-type-something e.g.:
    • modules: yii-module-users, yii-module-pages
    • themes: yii-theme-adminlte, yii-theme-hyde
    • widgets: yii-widget-datepicker
    • and so on
  • titled as "Yii Framework ..."
  • may have any dependencies and Yii-specific code

General purpose packages (Libraries)

  • can be used outside of Yii Framework
  • named as yiisoft/something without yii-prefix
  • titled as "Yii ..."
  • must not have dependencies on any Yii-specific packages
  • should have as fewer dependencies as possible

Configs and defaults

The following applies to both Yii-specific packages and general purpose packages:

  • Package may have config directory with Yii-specific defaults.
  • Package may have "config-plugin" in "extra" section of composer.json.
  • Package must not have dependencies in require section of composer.json that are used in config only.
  • Parameters should be namespaced with vendor/package-name:
return [
    'vendor/package-name' => [
        'param1' => 1,
        'param2' => 2,


All packages are versioned according to SemVer:

  • x.*.* - incompatible API changes.
  • *.x.* - add functionality (backwards-compatible).
  • *.*.x - bug fixes (backwards-compatible).

First stable version should be 1.0.0.

PHP versions support

Initial release is meant to support PHP 7.4+. We may drop old version support in a major release.