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009 - Design Decisions

In this document we list important design decisions taken during Yii 3 development.

Remove magic properties

Magic properties in Yii 2 were interesting concept that allowed to start with public property and then seamlessly migrate to getter/setter called via magic methods without changing the code.

The main reason for removal in Yii 3 is that it resulted in using public properties everywhere thus lack of encapsulation and code fragility.

Remove service locator

Service locator both Yii 1 and Yii 2 was very convenient but abused a lot. Despite dependency injection container was available in Yii 2, service locator was generally preferred causing both dependency on the service locator itself, high coupling, hard to test code.

Yii 3 relies on dependency injection only lowering coupling significantly and making code way more testable.

Extract general packages

Yii 1 and Yii 2 were fully closed communities. All the code we had wasn't useful outside of Yii and most of the "external" code wasn't useful in Yii without wrappers. It was noted many times by communities external to Yii that many parts of Yii are well-designed and unique and they'd use these if these were available as standalone packages.

As part of Yii 3 packages such as cache, RBAC, view etc. were extracted into framework-independent packages. Benefits are:

  • Increased usage and contribution
  • Maintenance could be delegated
  • Independent releases are possible

Adopt PSRs

Some PSRs were adopted in Yii 2 such as PSR-4 and PSR-2. Interfaces in general were not despite the fact that Yii is part of PHP-FIG. Mainly because when Yii 2 was released, these were either in the making or not adopted enough.

Yii 3 benefits from PSRs since there are nowadays many ready to use libraries that one can get via Composer: cache backends, middleware, loggers, DI containers etc.

By implementing PSRs in general packages we allow these to be used in more projects thus raising contribution level.

Improve DI container

The problem with Yii 2 container was that it is tailored to be used with Yii 2 components. API isn't well designed to be used with general PHP classes.

In Yii 3 we ensured that container can be used to conveniently configure any PHP class.

That should result in absence of Yii-specific wrapper packages and more direct usages of Composer packages.

Adopt strict types

Strict types were introduced because:

  • PHP 7 is now mainstream
  • While they solve no significant Yii 2 problem, they help to avoid many day-to-day development issues

Adopt SemVer

Yii 2 has its own versioning policy. Problems:

  • It was not standard
  • Composer rely on SemVer
  • It is hard to maintain framework built on top of packages if versioning policy isn't strict

Prevent validators mutating data

In Yii 1 and Yii 2 validators such as "date" were mutating data. It was confusing for validation process that was not initially meant to mutate data it validates.

See related discussion.