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010 - Code Style

Code formatting used in Yii 3 packages is based on PSR-1 and PSR-12 with additional rules added on top of it.


  • Use English only.
  • Use the shortest possible, but an explanatory name.
  • Never trim or abbreviate name.



Inline comments are to be avoided except when code could not be understood without them. A good example is a workaround for a bug in a certain PHP version.

Method comment is necessary except it adds nothing to what method name and signature already has.

Class comment should describe the purpose of the class.

See PHPDoc.


No alignment

Property, variable and constant value assignments should not be aligned. Same applies to phpdoc tags. The reason is that aligned statements often cause larger diff and even conflicts.

final class X
    const A = 'test';
    const BBB = 'test';
    private int $property = 42;
    private int $test = 123;
     * @param int $number Just a number.
     * @param array $options Well... options!
    public function doIt(int $number, array $options): void
        $test = 123;
        $anotherTest = 123;


  • When no variables involved, use 'Hello!'
  • To get variables into string prefer "Hello, $username!"

Classes and interfaces

Final by default

Classes should be final by default.

Private by default

Constants, properties and methods should be private by default.

Composition over inheritance

Prefer composition over inheritance.

Property, constant and method order

Order should be the following:

  • Constants
  • Properties
  • Methods

Within each category items should be sorted by visibility:

  • public
  • protected
  • private

Abstract classes

Abstract classes should not be prefixed or postfixed with Abstract.

Immutable methods

Immutable method convention is the following:

public function withName(string $name): self
    $new = clone $this;
    $new->name = $name;
    return $new; 
  1. Cloned object name is $new.
  2. Return type is self.

Boolean check methods

Methods that are there to check if something is true should be named like the following:

public function isDeleted(): bool;
public function hasName(): bool;
public function canDoIt(): bool;

Flags in methods

Boolean flags in methods are better to be avoided. It is a sign the method may be doing too much and there should be two methods instead of one.

public function login(bool $refreshPage = true): void;

Is better to be two methods:

public function login(): void;
public function refreshPage(): void;


Add an underscore (_) prefix for unused variables. For example:

foreach ($items as $key => $_value) {
    echo $key;


Prefer importing classes and functions to using fully qualified names:

use Yiisoft\Arrays\ArrayHelper;
use Yiisoft\Validator\DataSetInterface;
use Yiisoft\Validator\HasValidationErrorMessage;
use Yiisoft\Validator\Result;

use function is_iterable;

Additional conventions