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This is where the team shares its public code: from our WordPress plugins to other small projects.


  1. wordpress-seo wordpress-seo Public

    Yoast SEO for WordPress

    JavaScript 1.7k 872

  2. duplicate-post duplicate-post Public

    Yoast Duplicate Post plugin for WordPress

    PHP 43 36

  3. PHPUnit-Polyfills PHPUnit-Polyfills Public

    Set of polyfills for changed PHPUnit functionality to allow for creating PHPUnit cross-version compatible tests

    PHP 168 12

  4. wp-test-utils wp-test-utils Public

    PHPUnit and WordPress cross-version compatibility layer for testing plugins and themes build for WordPress

    PHP 47 3

  5. developer developer Public

    The Yoast Developer portal based on Docusaurus

    JavaScript 6 12


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