Explode and explore dimensions in Software Animation
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MotionScope (Preview Release)

Explode and explore dimensions in Software Animation. It’s like a console for an engineer, or a histogram for a photographer.

Made by your friends at Thinko, Computer Entertainment Studio ❤️


Email: hey@thinko.com for questions / comments


Save a copy of MotionScope.coffee in your projects modules sub-folder.

cd /your/framer/project
curl https://rawgit.com/yothinko/MotionScope/master/MotionScope.coffee -o modules/MotionScope.coffee


Specify the properties of any regular Framer layers you wish to plot.

(require "MotionScope").load((scope) ->
  # `modal` is the layer you want to attach the scope to
  scope.plot(modal, 'y')
  scope.plot(modal, 'scale')

Optionally, you can configure the MotionScope graph.

(require "MotionScope").load({
  parent: Scope
  reset: ResetButton
}, (scope) ->
  scope.plot(modal, 'x')
  scope.plot(modal, 'y')

The plot method can be configured as well.

(require "MotionScope").load({
  parent: Scope
  reset: ResetButton
}, (scope) ->
  scope.plot(oval, 'opacity', {
    color: '#FFA29C'

MotionScope Options

  • parent: pass a Framer layer to use as the MotionScope parent. The graph will be sized to the width and height of the parent layer.
  • width, height: set the graph size without adding it to a parent layer.
  • reset: pass a Framer layer to use as a reset button. Clicking the button will clear the graph.

Plot Options

  • name: label for the chart legend. Defaults to the property name.
  • color: color for the graph line. Defaults to Utils.randomColor if not specified.
  • min, max: sets the extent of the line. If not set, continuously adjusts to the largest and smallest values seen.