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init for shifter #64

F21 opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Francis Chuang Dav Glass
Francis Chuang
F21 commented

yogi has init which builds the directory structure that is required. For shifter, it by default, also expects the same directory structure.

For example, it expects my javascript files to be in js, so, in my builder.json, it expects me to use the following if I my test-module.js is in the same folder as builder.json:

"jsfiles": [

instead of (relative to builder.json):

"jsfiles": [

Since shifter expects a certain directory structure, I think it would be beneficial to have shifter able to generate the directory for us using an init command. This is especially useful for yui projects that are folders within a larger and more complex project and already use git in the root. Yogi, forces us to have a git at the top level for our modules, otherwise it refuses to run init, so shifter is a better fit for projects like this.

Dav Glass

I don't think I want to add this to shifter, but I'll leave it here in case I get to it.

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