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### Site info:
title: Freshman21
tagline: Another Jekyll theme, Freshman twenty-first
author: Lijia Yu
description: "Freshman21 is a Jekyll blog theme." # You can edit this line in _config.yml. It will appear in your document head meta and in your feed.xml site description
keywords: "Jekyll, theme, Freshman21"
baseurl: "/freshman21" # the subpath of your site, e.g. /blog/
url: "" # the base hostname & protocol for your site
locale: en_US
### Personal info and site tools info:
twitter_username: yulijia
github_username: yulijia
disqus_shortname: freshman21
favicon: "/images/favicon.ico"
aboutme: Hi, this is Lijia Yu. I made the Freshman21 theme. Please enjoy it. # these are shown on aboutme-sidebar.
aboutme_photo: your photo.
google_analytics_key: UA-57979084-1 # put YOUR key here to enable tracking! (blank to disable)
### Site setting:
ShowContactInfo: "True" # Personal Info (twitter,github,email) can be seen on aboutme-sidebar, those info only shown where ShowContactInfo == True
default_column: "two" # blog style: two columns, if default_column != "two", you will see a one column blog.
default_locale: "en" # blog sidebar language set, only include: English (en), Chinese (cn), Japanese (jp), Polish (pl), Korean (kr), Russian (ru), Turkish (tr), and Indonesian (id).
Aboutme: "About Me"
Archives: "Archives"
Blogroll: "Blogroll"
Categories: "Categories"
Copyright_Notice: "Copyright Notice"
Recent_Posts: "Recent Posts"
Tags: "Tags"
Previous: "Older"
Next: "Newer"
PostedInCategories: "Posted in"
Taggedwith: "and tagged"
PostDate: "on "
Google_search: "Site Search"
Home: "Home"
About: "About"
Guestbook: "Guestbook"
Subscribe: "Subscribe"
Aboutme: "关于我"
Archives: "存档"
Blogroll: "良师益友"
Categories: "分类目录"
Copyright_Notice: "版权声明"
Recent_Posts: "近期文章"
Tags: "标签"
Previous: "前一页"
Next: "后一页"
PostedInCategories: "目录:"
Taggedwith: "| 标签:"
PostDate: "| 发表时间: "
Google_search: "站内搜索"
Home: "首页"
About: "关于"
Guestbook: "留言"
Subscribe: "订阅"
Aboutme: "著者"
Archives: "アーカイブ"
Blogroll: "ブログロール"
Categories: "カテゴリー"
Copyright_Notice: "著作権表示"
Recent_Posts: "最近の投稿"
Tags: "タグ"
Previous: "前の記事"
Next: "次の記事"
PostedInCategories: "カテゴリー:"
Taggedwith: "| タグ:"
PostDate: "| 投稿日時: "
Google_search: "サイト内検索"
Home: "ホーム"
About: "このブログについて"
Guestbook: "メッセージ"
Subscribe: "購読"
Aboutme: "O mnie"
Archives: "Archiwum"
Blogroll: "Odnośniki"
Categories: "Kategorie"
Copyright_Notice: "Prawa autorskie"
Recent_Posts: "Najnowsze wpisy"
Tags: "Tagi"
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PostedInCategories: "Kategoria"
Taggedwith: "tagi"
PostDate: "on "
Google_search: "Wyszukiwarka"
Home: "Strona główna"
About: "O mnie"
Guestbook: "Księga gości"
Subscribe: "Subskrypcja"
Aboutme: "저자 소개"
Archives: "모든 게시물"
Blogroll: "참조 링크"
Categories: "카테고리"
Copyright_Notice: "저작권"
Recent_Posts: "최근 게시물"
Tags: "태그"
Previous: "이전 게시물"
Next: "다음 게시물"
PostedInCategories: "카테고리: "
Taggedwith: "태그: "
PostDate: "작성일: "
Google_search: "게시물 검색"
Home: ""
About: "소개"
Guestbook: "방명록"
Subscribe: "구독하기"
Aboutme: "Обо мне" # = 'About me'
Archives: "Архив"
Blogroll: "Ссылки" # = 'Links'
Categories: "Разделы"
Copyright_Notice: "Авторские права"
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Tags: "Теги"
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PostedInCategories: "Опубликовано в" # = 'Posted in'
Taggedwith: "с тегами"
PostDate: ""
Google_search: "Поиск на Google"
Home: "Домой"
About: "О блоге" # = 'About blog'
Guestbook: "Гостевая книга"
Subscribe: "Подписаться"
Aboutme: "Hakkımda"
Archives: "Arşivler"
Blogroll: "Bağlantılar"
Categories: "Kategoriler"
Copyright_Notice: "Telif Hakkı Bildirimi"
Recent_Posts: "Son Yazılar"
Tags: "Etiketler"
Previous: "Daha Eski"
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PostedInCategories: "Şuraya gönderildi:"
Taggedwith: "ve şöyle etiketlendi:"
PostDate: "şu tarihte:"
Google_search: "Sitede Ara"
Home: "Anasayfa"
About: "Hakkında"
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Subscribe: "Abone Ol"
Aboutme: "Tentang Saya"
Archives: "Arsip"
Blogroll: "Blog teman"
Categories: "Kategori"
Copyright_Notice: "Legal Formal"
Recent_Posts: "Post Terkini"
Tags: "Tag"
Previous: "Lebih lama"
Next: "Lebih baru"
PostedInCategories: "Diposting di"
Taggedwith: "dan ditag"
PostDate: "pada "
Google_search: "Pencarian Situs"
Home: "Beranda"
About: "Tentang"
Guestbook: "Buku tamu"
Subscribe: "Langganan"
### your Blogroll info, only name can shown on the page.
- name: Freshman
title: Another Jekyll blog theme
- name: author's website
title: Lijia Yu's website
### Build settings
markdown: kramdown
#highlighter: pygments
input: GFM
syntax_highlighter: rouge
plugins: [jekyll-paginate]
paginate: 5
excerpt_separator: <!-- more -->
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