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A symbolic weather icon set
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A set of 120 weather based svg icons.

Rendering png's

The script will render png's from the icons.svg file by looping over the content of the index.txt file. Only objects whoes id's are inside the index.txt file will be rendered.

  • The script requires Inkscape and sed.

  • You can provide an icon size (single number). If you skip it, the icons default dimensions will be used.

  • You can provide an icon color. If you skip it, the default color will be used.

  • The script doesn't overwrite files. Delete the file you want to overwrite before executing the script.

If you change the icon color swatch in the icons.svg file, update the default_color variable inside the render-pngs script, otherwise the script won't be able to change the png color during rendering.


Since inkscape doesn't have artboards, the icon.svg file provides pseudo-artboard support by grouping each icon with a rectangle, which represents the icon's canvas (32x32 in this set.)

The groups are given id's which represent the name of the exported png.

Color swatches are provided in the icons.svg file for easily changing the icon and grid colors as well as for hiding the icon-canvas rectangles before exporting.

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