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Taupage AMI Creation

How to build a new private :ref:`taupage` AMI.

$ git clone
$ mkdir my-taupage-config
$ cp -r taupage/secret my-taupage-config
$ cp taupage/ my-taupage-config/

Generate a new SSH keypair to be used for the "granting-service" user. Store the private SSH key in a safe place (you will need it later for deploying the "even" SSH access granting service, see :ref:`how to deploy even <even-deploy>`). Copy the public SSH key into my-taupage-config/secret/

Edit the example configuration files as needed:

$ vim my-taupage-config/
$ # edit my-taupage-config/secret/* files

Build a new Taupage AMI:

$ cd taupage
$ ./ ../my-taupage-config/