This is a multiplayer tic tac toe game I am making in C++.
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Tic Tac Toe Online!

This is a tic tac toe server/client I created over the past couple months working on/off on it. It is entirely created in C++ and only works on Linux currently. However, I did create a C# client for the server which you can view here:


Simply run the following commands:

To make and run the Server

cd TicTacToe/Server && make

The server runs on port 6000 which you can change in T3Server.cpp.

To make and run the Client

cd TicTacToe/Client && make

If you changed the port on the server then you will need to edit T3Client.cpp and change the port there also. I didn't make that as user friendly as I should have.

NOTE: Client does still have some bugs as I was simply using it to test the server. I recommend using the C# client if you want to play the game.

Contact Info

Feel free to contact me: adam [at] zamn [dot] net if you have any questions/concerns.