Pay for the solution to a sudoku puzzle with a zero-knowledge contingent payment
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This is an implementation of a zero-knowledge contingent payment for paying someone to solve a sudoku puzzle.

cargo run gen 2 # generate circuit for 2^2 x 2^2 puzzle
cargo run test 2 # test the proofs
cargo run serve 2 # run a server on port 25519 for buying solutions
cargo run client 2 # run a client for selling solutions

circuit description for some NxN puzzle:

primary inputs: sodoku puzzle P, key commitment C, encrypted solution E

auxillary inputs: solution S, key K


  • puzzle subset: S must be a subset of P (the solution must complete the puzzle)
  • solution closure: S must be closed under rows, columns and groups of the solution (the solution must be correct)
  • encryption correctness: E must be S encrypted with K (using a stream cipher produced from SHA256)
  • solution commitment: C must be SHA256(K)


Alice produces puzzle P and sends Bob P and the zk-SNARK proving key. Bob finds a solution S for the puzzle and constructs K, C, and E. Bob constructs a Proof. Bob sends Alice (Proof, C, E). Alice verifies the proof. Alice sends a CLTV transaction over the blockchain to Bob with the added constraint that Bob must produce the preimage of C (aka K). After Bob redeems the TxOut, Alice uses K to decrypt E, producing S. If Bob does not redeem the TxOut, Alice recovers her value but does not obtain S.