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Zcash is an implementation of the Zerocash cryptographic protocol operating over a block chain provided by a fork of the Bitcoin source code. Sitting between the two is the Zcash protocol itself.


Zerocash is a peer-reviewed cryptographic protocol providing decentralized anonymous e-cash on top of a block chain. The details of this protocol, along with a proof of security, can be found at http://zerocash-project.org/paper.

Zcash Protocol


The details of how to integrate the Zerocash cryptographic scheme into a Bitcoin consensus protocol are crucial to overall usability, security, and performance. Zcash includes important security fixes and functionality enhancements relative to Zerocash, as well as a new proof of work. This specification is a work in progress.

Assigned Numbers

Protocol versions

The current version on the testnet is 170002.

Alert codes

No alerts have been sent. The first alert code will be 1000.

Bitcoin Developer Reference


Zcash is based on Bitcoin, so much of the underlying consensus protocol is the same.

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