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A high performance single thread command-line virus scanner written in PHP.
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Copyright on 10/2/2019 by Justin Grimes, It is a heavily modified version of PHP-AV designed to function as part of the HR-AV anti-virus application.

This scanner was designed for high performance single threaded use. It can be used with the Windows command-line, or with a custom thread handler which handles the creation and destruction of multiple script instances at different targets simultaniously.

The whole idea of a fast single-threaded scanner is that you can run several dozen (or hundred) scans at the same time on multiple small targets rather than running one large scan.

If you use the verbose and debug arguments to scan an entire hard drive be prepared for logfiles that are several GB in size with scans that can take days to complete.

This scanner can detect files based on the following criteria:

  1. MD5 Hash
  2. SHA1 Hash
  3. SHA256 Hash
  4. Raw Data Match

The "ScanCore_Virus.def" file is a TSV (tab-separated file) with each line containing a separate infection UID, RAW-DATA, MD5, SHA256, SHA1. In that order.

If the target is a file larger than the [memorylimit] argument it will be chopped into [chunsize] and each chunk will be scanned separately.

If the target is a folder the default action is to recursively scan until all files and subdirectories have been scanned. Recursion can be forced or disabled via command line arguments.


This project is protected by the GNU GPLv3 Open-Source license.


This application requires Windows 7 (or later) with PHP 7.0 (or later).


Quick Start Example:

 C:\Path-To-PHP-Binary.exe C:\Path-To-ScanCore.php C:\Path-To-Scan\ -m [integer] -c [integer] -v -d
 C:\PHP\PHP.exe C:\scanCore\scanCore.php C:\Windows\Temp -memorylimit 4000000000 -chunksize 1000000000 -verbose -debug
 C:\PHP\PHP.exe C:\scanCore\scanCore.php C:\Windows\Temp -m 4000000000 -c 1000000000 -v -d
 C:\PHP\PHP.exe C:\scanCore\scanCore.php C:\Windows\Temp -nr -m 1000000000 -c 200000000 -v -d 

Start by opening a command-prompt.

  1. Type the absolute path to a portable PHP 7.0+ binary. Don't press enter just yet.
  2. Now type the absolute path to this PHP file as the only argument for the PHP binary.
  3. Everything after the path to this script will be passed to this file as an argument.
  4. The first Argument Must be a valid absolute path to the file or folder being scanned.
  5. Optional arguments can be specified after the scan path. Separate them with spaces.

Optional Arguments Include:

Force recursion:                        -recursion

Force no recursion:                     -norecursion

Specify memory limit (in bytes):        -memorylimit ####
                                        -m ####

Specify chunk size (in bytes);          -chunksize ####
                                        -c ####

Enable "debug" mode (more logging):     -debug

Enable "verbose" mode (more console):   -verbose

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