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Module for developer and debug tools for working with the ZF2 MVC layer.
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Marco Pivetta Ocramius authored

Zend Developer Tools

Module providing debug tools for working with the Zend Framework 2 MVC layer.


  1. Install the module via composer by running:

    composer require zendframework/zend-developer-tools:dev-master

    or download it directly from github and place it in your application's module/ directory.

  2. Add the ZendDeveloperTools module to the module section of your config/application.config.php
  3. Copy ./vendor/zendframework/zend-developer-tools/config/zenddevelopertools.local.php.dist to ./config/autoload/zenddevelopertools.local.php. Change any settings in it according to your needs.
  4. If server version of PHP is lower than 5.4.0 add the following in your index.php:

    define('REQUEST_MICROTIME', microtime(true));

    Note: The displayed execution time in the toolbar will be highly inaccurate if you don't define REQUEST_MICROTIME in PHP < 5.4.0.


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