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* If you need an environment-specific system or application configuration,
* there is an example in the documentation
* @see
* @see
return array(
// This should be an array of module namespaces used in the application.
'modules' => array(
// These are various options for the listeners attached to the ModuleManager
'module_listener_options' => array(
// This should be an array of paths in which modules reside.
// If a string key is provided, the listener will consider that a module
// namespace, the value of that key the specific path to that module's
// Module class.
'module_paths' => array(
// An array of paths from which to glob configuration files after
// modules are loaded. These effectively override configuration
// provided by modules themselves. Paths may use GLOB_BRACE notation.
'config_glob_paths' => array(
// Whether or not to enable a configuration cache.
// If enabled, the merged configuration will be cached and used in
// subsequent requests.
//'config_cache_enabled' => $booleanValue,
// The key used to create the configuration cache file name.
//'config_cache_key' => $stringKey,
// Whether or not to enable a module class map cache.
// If enabled, creates a module class map cache which will be used
// by in future requests, to reduce the autoloading process.
//'module_map_cache_enabled' => $booleanValue,
// The key used to create the class map cache file name.
//'module_map_cache_key' => $stringKey,
// The path in which to cache merged configuration.
//'cache_dir' => $stringPath,
// Whether or not to enable modules dependency checking.
// Enabled by default, prevents usage of modules that depend on other modules
// that weren't loaded.
// 'check_dependencies' => true,
// Used to create an own service manager. May contain one or more child arrays.
//'service_listener_options' => array(
// array(
// 'service_manager' => $stringServiceManagerName,
// 'config_key' => $stringConfigKey,
// 'interface' => $stringOptionalInterface,
// 'method' => $stringRequiredMethodName,
// ),
// ),
// Initial configuration with which to seed the ServiceManager.
// Should be compatible with Zend\ServiceManager\Config.
// 'service_manager' => array(),
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