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Contributions, issues and feature requests are very welcome. If you want improve this cheat sheet or translate it in another languages, please consider opening an issue ! We will discuss it with you.

If you want to contribute you must read and accept out Code of Conduct


General guidelines

  • The master branch is the official document.
  • All new translations / suggestions should be done in dedicated branch from the master branch.
  • It's a very nice thing to have multiple small commits as you work on the PR. It's easier to review it. Then we will squash it before merging.

Commit messages

This project uses gitmoji as commit convention, because it's fun and provides an easy way of identifying the purpose or intention of a commit with only looking at the emojis used. All you just have to do is to find the emoji corresponding to the purpose of your commit in this list following by a short message explaining the update. You can also add a description if it's needed. That's all ;)

Adding new translation or having a suggestion

Ideally you should open a suggestion issue on GitHub.