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Zero Bounce Php SDK Setup
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ZeroBounce PHP SDK

This SDK contains methods for interacting easily with ZeroBounce API. More information about ZeroBounce you can find in the official documentation.


To install the SDK you will need to use composer in your project. If you're not using composer, you can install it like so:

curl -sS | php

To install the SDK with composer, run:

composer install zero-bounce/sdk


  • include the SDK in your file (you should always use Composer's autoloader in your application to automatically load your dependencies)
require 'vendor/autoload.php';
use ZeroBounce\SDK\ZeroBounce;
  • initialize the SDK with your API key

Method documentation

  • Verify an email address:
/** @var $response ZeroBounse\SDK\ZBValidateResponse */
$response = ZeroBounce::Instance()->validate(
                "<EMAIL_ADDRESS>",              // The email address you want to validate
                "<IP_ADDRESS>"                  // The IP Address the email signed up from (Can be blank)

// can be: valid, invalid, catch-all, unknown, spamtrap, abuse, do_not_mail
$status = $response->status;
  • Check how many credits you have left on your account
/** @var $response ZeroBounse\SDK\ZBGetCreditsResponse */
$response = ZeroBounce::Instance()->getCredits();
$credits = $response->credits;
  • Check your API usage for a given period of time
$startDate = new DateTime("-1 month"); // The start date of when you want to view API usage
$endDate = new DateTime();             // The end date of when you want to view API usage

/** @var $response ZeroBounse\SDK\ZBApiUsageResponse */
$response = ZeroBounce::Instance()->getApiUsage($startDate, $endDate);
$usage = $response->total;
  • Send a file for bulk email validation
/** @var $response ZeroBounse\SDK\ZBSendFileResponse */
$response = ZeroBounce::Instance()->sendFile(
    "<FILE_PATH>",              // The csv or txt file
    "<EMAIL_ADDRESS_COLUMN>",   // The column index of the email address in the file. Index starts at 1
    "<RETURN_URL>",             // The URL will be used as a callback after the file is sent
    "<FIRST_NAME_COLUMN>",      // The column index of the user's first name in the file
    "<LAST_NAME_COLUMN>",       // The column index of the user's last name in the file
    "<GENDER_COLUMN>",          // The column index of the user's gender in the file
    "<IP_ADDRESS_COLUMN>",      // The column index of the IP address in the file
    "<HAS_HEADER_ROW>"          // If the first row from the submitted file is a header row. True or False
$fileId = $response->fileId;    // e.g. "aaaaaaaa-zzzz-xxxx-yyyy-5003727fffff"
  • Check the status of a file uploaded via "sendFile" method
$fileId = "<FILE_ID>";   // The file ID received from "sendFile" response
/** @var $response ZeroBounse\SDK\ZBFileStatusResponse */
$response = ZeroBounce::Instance()->fileStatus($fileId);
$status = $response->fileStatus;    // e.g. "Complete"
  • Get the validation results file for the file been submitted using sendfile API
$fileId = "<FILE_ID>";              // The file ID received from "sendFile" response
$downloadPath = "<DOWNLOAD_PATH>";  // The path where the file will be downloaded
/** @var $response ZeroBounse\SDK\ZBGetFileResponse */
$response = ZeroBounce::Instance()->getFile($fileId, $downloadPath);
$localPath = $response->localFilePath;
  • Deletes the file that was submitted using scoring sendfile API. File can be deleted only when its status is Complete
$fileId = "<FILE_ID>";              // The file ID received from "sendFile" response
/** @var $response ZeroBounse\SDK\ZBDeleteFileResponse */
$response = ZeroBounce::Instance()->deleteFile($fileId);
$success = $response->success;      // True / False
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