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l2arc_apply_transforms: Fix typo in comment

Reviewed-by: Chris Dunlop <>
Reviewed-by: Matt Ahrens <>
Reviewed-by: Brian Behlendorf <>
Reviewed-by: George Melikov <>
Reviewed-by: Richard Laager <>
Signed-off-by: Allan Jude <>
Closes #8822
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allanjude authored and tonyhutter committed Jun 6, 2019
1 parent 4cb5071 commit 47c59ade90288ebc059b805edc3a2daba6fa4337
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 module/zfs/arc.c
@@ -8760,7 +8760,7 @@ l2arc_apply_transforms(spa_t *spa, arc_buf_hdr_t *hdr, uint64_t asize,

* If this data simply needs its own buffer, we simply allocate it
* and copy the data. This may be done to elimiate a depedency on a
* and copy the data. This may be done to eliminate a dependency on a
* shared buffer or to reallocate the buffer to match asize.
if (HDR_HAS_RABD(hdr) && asize != psize) {

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