@behlendorf behlendorf released this Aug 22, 2013 · 1542 commits to master since this release

New Functionality

  • Added Linux 3.11 compatibility
  • Added arcstat.py script from FreeNAS
  • Added 'zpool labelclear' command from FreeBSD
  • Added L2ARC compression from Illumos
  • Added I/O deadman thread from Illumos
  • Added SEEK_DATA/SEEK_HOLE to lseek()/llseek()
  • Added writeable arc+l2arc module options
  • Improved detection of advanced format (AF) disks
  • Improved N-way mirror read performance
  • Improved zdb to display SA xattrs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed missing zvols on import
  • Fixed setting lower ashift with '-o ashift'
  • Fixed xattr error handling
  • Fixed kernel stack overflows
  • Fixed spinning arc_adapt process
  • Fixed spinning in iterate_supers_type() on unmount
  • Fixed read-only pool unmount hang
  • Fixed txg_quiesce deadlock
  • Fixed .zfs/snapshot unmount deadlock
  • Fixed zfs_readdir() returns type and offset
  • Fixed SA based xattrs on symlinks
  • Fixed zpool_read_label() so it reads all labels
  • Fixed mount flags leaking in to the kernel
  • Fixed panic in arc_read()
  • Fixed panic in zfs_sb_teardown()/zfs_resume_fs()
  • Fixed ARC caching freed blocks from Illumos
  • Fixed slow space map condensing from Illumos
  • Fixed taskq contention from Illumos