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Server infrastructure for zgoat services. It's all really KISS and simple.

HTTP request overview

  • Varnish runs on *:80 and localhost:8001
    • Requests to port 80 are redirected to 443
  • Hitch runs on *:443, redirects to Varnish on 8001
  • Varnish does its cache thing and redirects to backend services:
    • GoatLetter: 8080
    • GoatCounter: 8081

Certificates are generated with; see etc/hitch/create-cert.

Other services

  • smtpd (OpenSMTPD) to deliver emails.


  • deploy Go apps. It assumes the current directory is of the Go program. It doesn't restart anything, or run DB migrations.
  • provision new servers. Alpine Linux is assumed.
  • run-* the services. Right now I just run this in tmux.
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