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A refactor-friendly way to use typesafe's config by scala macro annotation
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Config annotation

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A refactor-friendly configuration lib would help scala programmers to maintain config files without any pain, by using scala macro annotation.


Create a config-style trait as configuration definition, eg:

import com.wacai.config.annotation._
import scala.concurrent.duration._

@conf trait kafka {
  val server = new {
    val host = ""
    val port = 12306

  val socket = new {
    val timeout = 3 seconds
    val buffer = 1024 * 64L

  val client = "wacai"

Use config by extending it,

class Consumer extends kafka {
  val client = new SimpleConsumer(,


Compile, @conf will let scala compiler to insert codes to kafka.scala:

trait kafka {
  val server = new {
    val host = config.getString("")
    val port = config.getInt("kafka.server.port")
  val socket = new {
    val timeout = Duration(config.getDuration("kafka.socket.timeout", SECONDS))
    val buffer = config.getBytes("kafka.socket.buffer")
  val client = config.getString("kafka.client")


After that, a config file named kafka.conf was generated at src/main/resources as blow:

kafka {
  server {
    host =
    port = 12306

  socket {
    timeout = 3s
    buffer = 64K

  client = wacai

Last but not least, a application.conf need to be created to include kafka.conf like:

include "kafka.conf"


Caution: only support scala 2.11.0+

Set up your project/ to:

sbt.version = 0.13.13

Set up your build.sbt with:

addCompilerPlugin("org.scalamacros" % "paradise" % "2.0.1" cross CrossVersion.full)

libraryDependencies += "com.wacai" %% "config-annotation" % "0.3.5"

v0.3.6 for scala 2.12.0+

Type covenant

Scala type Config getter Value
Boolean getBoolean true/false
Int getInt number
Double getDouble float
String getString text
Long getBytes number with unit (B, K, M, G)
+Duration getDuration number with unit (ns, us, ms, s, m, h, d)

Integrate with akka actor

import com.wacai.config.annotation._

@conf trait kafka extends Configurable { self: Actor =>
  def config = context.system.settings.config


Change default generation directory

Config files would be generated at src/main/resources as default.

It can be changed by appending macro setting to scalacOption in build.sbt:

scalacOptions += "-Xmacro-settings:conf.output.dir=/path/to/out"

A runnable example

Please see config-annotation-example.

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